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Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study

The Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study is intended to bridge the gap between the Major Investment Study and Project Development for the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service between Downtown Raleigh and Downtown Cary (the ‘Western BRT’ service). The output of this study is intended to leverage existing and recently adopted studies to position the corridor for successful BRT implementation. The goals of the study are to:

  • Identify preferred alignment for BRT connection into downtown Cary
  • Understand the redevelopment potential along the Western Blvd. corridor
  • Generate consensus for a conceptual land use strategy for the corridor
  • Identify engineering hot spots and coordinate with other planned improvements

    Project Details

    Corridor Studies
    Project Lead:
    Dhanya Sandeep



    Dhanya Sandeep
    Senior Urban Designer

    Lead Department:
    Planning and Zoning
    Service Unit:
    Urban Design Center


    Western BRT Corridor Alignments Map

    Western BRT Corridor Alignments Map

    Engagement Opportunity

    The City of Raleigh would like to thank everyone who attended the Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study kickoff open house event. Despite the wet weather conditions, we had a great turnout with over 150 attendees. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce the project, share information on existing conditions, have an engaging conversation around Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and how you believe the system will impact the future of Western Boulevard and the City of Raleigh. Our goal was to provide you with an overview of the project and engage staff with your questions on planning for BRT.

    The survey to gather initial feedback on your preferred destinations along Western Boulevard will help inform the selection of the preferred BRT alignment to connect to Downtown Cary. The BRT survey has concluded and results can be viewed online.

    The presentation, handout, information boards, kickoff summary, and FAQ are now available.

    Key Areas of Analysis

    Over the course of the Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study, the following key areas of analysis will be completed:

    Existing Conditions: Existing conditions along the corridor will be evaluated to identify environmental features and study alignment alternatives for BRT.

    Multimodal and Safety Analysis: A multimodal and safety analysis will be performed that looks at existing and future transit conditions, along with conditions for bicycles and pedestrians and recommendations to improve safety.

    Engineering Hot Spots Analysis: A hot spot analysis will be conducted to identify locations with safety and traffic concerns.

    Land Use and Urban Form: In conjunction with the multimodal transportation work, corridor-wide land use and urban form analysis will be performed to understand development potential and develop a conceptual land use strategy.

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