Water and Sewer

Twin 72-inch Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

Improvement project will replace aging materials to meet future infrastructure capacity demand.

The project will rehabilitate twin 72-inch *interceptors which are critical components of the City of Raleigh's sewer collection system. These interceptors deliver wastewater flows from the Walnut Creek Lift Station to the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility.

Phase one services included a conditional assessment plan, interior pipe assessment specifications, and preparation of a condition assessment report with recommended rehabilitation and/or replacement methods for the twin interceptors. Phase two will be the final design and construction administration services.

* An interceptor is part of the wastewater system that helps to control wastewater flow.

Project Details

Water and Sewer
Project Lead:
Edward Stempien, PE
Raleigh Water/ CDM Smith



Edward Stempien, PE
Senior Project Administrator
Phone: 919-996-3490 
Office Location: 1 Exchange Plaza Suite 620
Raleigh, NC 27601 

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This phase is complete.

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Phase complete.

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Construction has started with material orders, surveying, clearing, and reuse bypass setup. The project is approximately 90 percent completed with much of the twin 72-inch interceptors installed. Work continues with sewer contention, grading, and cleanup. 

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Check back for future phase details. 

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The 72-inch interceptors are concrete structures that were installed in the early 1970’s and 1990’s. The pipe lining that protected the concrete pipes from sewer gas deterioration no longer provides protection and the concrete pipes are deteriorating. The interceptors are currently the only discharge means for sewer flows to the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility and a failure of these pipes would result in a major Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO). This project will eliminate the occurrence of the interceptor failure and a major SSO.


Date Activity
Winter 2023 Project Design Complete
Winter 2023 Permitting Complete
Winter 2023 Easement Acquisition Complete
Spring 2023 Project Bid Complete
Summer 2023 Project Construction Begins
Winter 2025 Project Construction Complete