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Tarboro Street Updates

Build a stronger foundation. Build a stronger community.

The City is considering updating N Tarboro Street between Oakwood Avenue and New Bern Avenue.  This initiative was identified through station area planning associated with the Wake BRT: New Bern Ave project.

The Reason Why:

We want to invest in infrastructure for current and future residents that will provide a safe and reliable connection along the street for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. 

Some of the things we are thinking about with this project include: 

  • The lack of safe pedestrian connectivity between BRT station and places of employment and residences;
  • Creating art and streetscape elements along the corridor; and, 
  • Making the street safe for walking, bicycling, or driving. 

Project Details




Kenneth Ritchie

Lead Department:
Participating Department:
Engineering ServicesPlanning and DevelopmentCommunity Engagement
Service Unit:
Mobility Strategy and Infrastructure




We are in the early planning stage of this potential project. During this phase we want to hear from you, the public that uses the street everyday. 

Let us know what you want to see happen along your neighborhood street!

Some of the things we are considering include:

  • Placemaking, which creates public spaces that bring people together, build community, and create a local identity. 
  • Pedestrian Improvements, where we would evaluate the the existing sidewalks and make necessary upgrades to ensure ADA compliance. 
  • Traffic Calming, where we can install infrastructure in the street to help slow vehicular traffic speeds.


Lead Department:

Tarboro Road Community Center

View Tarboro Road Survey Results

The Tarboro Road survey closed on March 31. Click on the link to view the survey results!

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