rose lane flooding


South Raleigh Drainage Studies

Dana Drive, Glenbrook Drive and Dacian Road, and Rose Lane

We studied flooding impacts from Walnut Creek in South Raleigh and are developing projects to address those concerns. We identified three (3) locations to improve stormwater infrastructure: Dana Drive, Glenbrook Drive and Dacian Road, and Rose Lane.

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Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
HDR Engineering, Inc. of the Carolinas



Barbara Moranta, PE
Planning and Asset Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




Study Process

We looked at how often and how long it floods in areas of South Raleigh. During this process, we held public meetings and collected input from the community. We determined the best way to improve the stormwater system and address impacts from creek flooding by selecting stormwater projects in specific areas.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Consultants will take environmental surveys to determine the best design options for each project. Public meetings will be scheduled to share design alternatives. For project specific details, visit the related project webpages above.


Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Learn About Our Recommendations

The Stormwater Touchpoint videos outline what we are recommending for each study area. Click here for Spanish translation. 

Study Area Photos

The stormwater system on Dana Drive that goes over the creek. 

A stormwater pipe at the crossing of Glenbrook Drive. 

Creek flooding over a greenway bridge on Rose Lane.