rose lane flooding


South Raleigh Drainage Studies

Glenbrook Drive, Dacian Road, Rose Lane, and Dana Drive

We worked on a set of studies to better understand flooding impacts from Walnut Creek and the streams that lead to this creek. Next, we'll plan projects for specific areas in South Raleigh. 

Project Details

Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
HDR Engineering, Inc. of the Carolinas



Barbara Moranta, PE
Project Manager 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




Study Process

We looked at how often and how long it floods in areas of South Raleigh. During this process, we held public meetings and collected input from the community. 

Then, we determined the best way to improve the stormwater system and address impacts from creek flooding. 

Upcoming Projects 

Project Status
Dana Drive  We've chosen a design consultant. The project scope should be developed in early 2022. 
Glenbrook Drive & Dacian Road We completed site visits to learn more about flooding in this area. We are also finishing the scope for the project. 
Rose Lane  We should have more details about the design phase for this project in spring 2022. 

Phase Contacts


Barbara Moranta, PE
Project Manager 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Watch: Learn About Recommendations

The Stormwater Touchpoint videos outline what we are recommending for each study area and are available in English and Spanish. 

Creek flooding over a greenway bridge on Rose Lane. We are studying this area along with Dacian Road and Glenbrook Drive to address flooding issues. 

The stormwater system on Dana Drive that goes over the creek. 


Date Activity
Fall 2019 Project kickoff
Late Fall 2019 Public meeting
Winter - Summer 2020 Study underway
Summer/Fall 2020 Recommendations shared with staff
Spring/Summer 2021 Study report available to the public; Opportunity to meet with staff
Ongoing Stormwater system improvements


Rose Lane
Flooding from Walnut Creek occurs often. When this happens, residents cannot get to or leave their homes. These areas are affected: Maplewood Lane, King Arthur Road, Jimmy Carter Way, Belafonte Drive, and Poitier Place. 

Glenbrook Drive and Dacian Road
Properties on these streets experience stream channel erosion and yard flooding.

Dana Drive
This area experiences frequent street and yard flooding.