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Site Permit Review

Formerly known as Concurrent Review

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Site Permit Review (SPR) is the combined submittal and review process that allows a development project to obtain all site approvals. Staff review plans for compliance related to stormwater, public utilities, transportation, fire, urban forestry, planning, and zoning regulations.

If you are seeking a land disturbance permit to clear and grade land, but don't wish to establish a use or install infrastructure, the Mass Grading process may be an option for you.

Tier One Site Plans may be subject to Site Permit Review if there is 12,000 square feet or more in land disturbance activity, an increase in the impervious surface area resulting in stormwater treatment, or public utility improvements.

Important Process Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: Receipt of the approved signature set of plans does not authorize any work on-site or on infrastructure. Work may only begin upon permit issuance only after the following occurs:

  • Contractor information must be provided for all permits.
  • All administrative items (sureties, payments, TCA fence inspection, fees paid, etc.) are satisfied.
  • Holds are removed (if applicable).

Prepare Application Materials

Digital copies of all submittal requirements should be in PDF format. Plans need to be a combined PDF. Each requirement listed needs to be its own PDF.

Please submit the following information:

  1. We accept digital copies in PDF of submittal via
  2. Non-Residential Permit application
  3. Project Data Sheet (placed on cover sheet)
  4. Site Permit Review Checklist
  5. Traffic Control and Pedestrian Plan (TCPED) Notes (placed on cover sheet)
  6. Financial Responsibility Ownership form
  7. Public Improvement Quantity Table (required on ALL SPR Majors even if there are no improvements. Put "0" if there are not improvements)
  8. Appendix - D – Public Utility Notes and Permit blocks.
    1. Contractor Note – required on Cover Page for all plans requiring water and sewer main extensions (public or private)
    2. Permit Blocks – required on Cover page, Utility page, Plan and Profiles.
    3. Standard Utility Notes - required on the Utility page
  9. For retaining walls five feet or higher, a Building Code Summary Sheet is required. 

Depending on the scope of your project, the following documents may be required:

Revisions to Approved Site Permit Review Plans

Modifications to an Approved Site Permit Review Plan
In order to revise an approved site plan a Minor or Major Site Plan Modification review and approval must be obtained.  

Modifications to an Approved Site Permit Plan Application Packet.

Site Permit Review revision instructions:

  • Revised plan sheets should be inserted into the full set (containing all originally approved sheets), preceding the associated approved sheets.
  • Attach revision table to the front cover sheet.
    • Include in the submittal package, a narrative of proposed changes to the plans which are in addition to the Modifications to an Approved Site Permit Plan.
  • Original sheets being replaced by revisions must be marked “VOID” and watermarked by a large X across the entire sheet.
  • All revision sheet changes must be clouded and dated
  • The plan set must have a new cover sheet included with each revision.
    • Updated Revision Table.
  • Revised sheets must be labeled and bookmarked by the applicant.
  • Only one signature set revision will be accepted for plan review at a time.
  • All signature set revisions must include the latest approved version of every sheet, including revised sheets from previous revisions.
  • Payment of Site Plan Review fee.



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