Old Tuffy beer is debuted at Packapalooza

Dog sits aside cans of Old Tuffy, a new beer made in collaboration with NC State University and New Belgium Brewing.

Special One-Time Permit for Special Events

Any special event permitted by the Raleigh Special Events Office that uses City streets, public plazas, or Dorothea Dix Park will require an alcohol permit if the event involves the sale or consumption of alcohol in any capacity.

Alcohol Permit Requirements and Information

Alcohol permits are controlled and issued by the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission. More information on ABC alcohol permit requirements can be found on the ABC website or by phone at 919-779-0700.

Application Process

Make sure to take all of the following steps in the correct order:

Step   Description 
1. Submit Special Events Application  If your event is utilizing City of Raleigh streets, public plazas, or Dorothea Dix Park, submit a City of Raleigh Special Event Application to the Special Events Office. If your event is NOT utilizing these locations, contact the NC ABC Commission.
2. Submit Application Fee Submit the $100 non-refundable application fee via phone, in person, or mail. Instructions for payment submittal are included on the Application Fee Payment Form.
3. Submit Packet to Raleigh Police Department (includes state's alcohol application)

Submit the following resources to the Raleigh Police Department at RPD Special Operations, 1221 Front Street, Raleigh 27609, or email it to Eric Hill as a packet:

4. Application Review Upon review of materials and pending approval, the Raleigh Police Department will stamp the Special One-Time Permit packet
5. Submit Application Packet to NC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC) Submit packet to NC ABC Commission
6. Submit ABC  permit fee Submit $50 permit fee to NC ABC Commission

For more information on the alcohol permit contact the ABC Commission at 919-779-0700. For inquiries regarding special events that use City streets, public plazas, or Dorothea Dix Park, contact the City of Raleigh Special Events Office at specialevents@raleighnc.gov



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