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Raleigh Parks Event Vendor

Information and Requirements

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Vendor Requirements Food Vendors Inflatables/Ride Vendors Miscellaneous Vendors

Vendor Requirements

All vendors used at Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources (PRCR) events and co-sponsored events must be approved by PRCR administration.

Food vendors may NOT set up in Raleigh Parks without being part of an event/rental.

Food Vendors

A person ordering at a food truck
  • Current certificate of insurance (COI) listing City of Raleigh as additional insured
  • Current health/sanitation rating OR NC Department of Agriculture letter
  • Signed copy of the PRCR Food Vendor Rules
  • NC Sales/Use Tax account information from NC Department of Revenue
  • Raleigh Parks Food Vendor Approval Form

Inflatables/Ride Vendors

image of a colorful inflatable attraction at park

Miscellaneous Vendors

A festival at Mordecai with tents and tables