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Playground Safety

The City of Raleigh owns and operates many playgrounds around Raleigh. Each City of Raleigh playground is listed below.

Important Information
•  In general, playgrounds are open from dawn to dusk every day.
•  Some playground locations have outdoor restrooms available nearby. Those restrooms are open during park hours.
•  Restrooms located inside centers are available during the community center's normal operating hours, which may vary.
•  Restrooms may not be available due to maintenance or winterization.

To find a playground near you, use our Park Locator App.

Playground LocationTot
Main Surface(s)Restroom
Anderson PointYYYwoodchips
Apollo HeightsYYYwoodchipsIn Center
BaileywickYYYwoodchipsNo Restroom
Barwell RoadYYYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Berkshire Downs WestY Ywoodchips, sandNo Restroom
Biltmore HillsYYYwoodchipsIn Center/Nearby
Bragg StreetY YwoodchipsNo Restroom
BrentwoodYYYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
Brier Creek YYrubberized
safety surface
In Center/Nearby
Buffaloe RoadY Ywoodchips, sand, rubberized safety surfaceNearby
Caraleigh  YsandNo Restroom
Carolina PinesYYYsandIn Center/Nearby
Cedar HillsYYYwoodchipsNearby
Chamberlain  YsandNo Restroom
John ChavisYYYrubberized safety surfaceIn Center
Dacian RoadY Yrubberized safety surface/sandNo Restroom
Davie Street YYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
Dixon Drive  YsandNo Restroom
Durant Nature PreserveYYYwoodchipsNearby
safety surface
In Center
Eliza PoolY YwoodchipsNo Restroom
Fisher Street YYrubberized safety surfaceNo Restroom
Forest Ridge ParkYYYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Fred FletcherYYYsandNearby
Glen EdenYYYrubberized safety surfaceNo Restroom
Green Road  YwoodchipsIn Center
Greystone Indoor Playground  Yrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Halifax  YYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Herford Village  YwoodchipsNo Restroom
Hill Street YYrubberized safety surfaceIn Center
Isabella CannonYYYwoodchipsNo Restroom
Jaycee YYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
Kentwood YYrubberized
safety surface
Junius N. Sorrell  YsandNo Restroom
Kingwood Forest YYrubberized safety surfaceNo Restroom
Kiwanis YYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
Lake LynnYYYwoodchipsIn Center
Lake Wheeler YYwoodchipsIn Center
Laurel Hills YYrubberized
safety surface
Leesville Community Park YYwoodchipsNo Restroom
Lenoir Street YYsandNo Restroom
LeVelle Moton ParkYYYwoodchips, rubberized safety surfaceNo Restroom
safety surface
In Center
Lockwood  Yrubberized
safety surface
No Restroom
Longstreet YYYrubberized
safety surface
No Restroom
Marsh Creek YYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Mary Belle Pate  YYRubberized surfaceNearby
Method  YYYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Millbrook ExchangeYYYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Mordecai MiniYYYsandNo Restroom
North Hills YYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
Oakwood Commons YYwoodchipsNo Restroom
Optimist YYrubberized
In Center
Peach RoadYYYrubberized
safety surface
In Center
Pollock PlaceYYYwoodchipsNo Restroom
Powell DriveY YYrubberized safety surfaceIn Center
PullenYYYsand, rubberized
safety surface
Quarry Street  YsandNo Restroom
River Bend YYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
RoanokeYYYwoodchipsNo Restroom
RobertsY YYrubberized safety surfaceIn Center/Nearby
Sanderford RoadY YwoodchipsIn Center/Nearby
Shelley LakeYYYwoodchipsIn Center/Nearby
safety surface
In Center 
Spring Forest RoadTYYrubberized safety surfaceNearby
Spring ParkY Yrubberized safety surfaceNo Restroom
Strickland RoadYYYsand, rubberized
safety surface
No Restroom
Tarboro Road  YsandIn Center
WilliamsY YwoodchipsNearby
Windemere Beaver DamY YwoodchipsNo Restroom
Worthdale YYrubberized safety surfaceIn Center

Playground Safety

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department is responsible for 72 public playgrounds. We have a playground inspection program that is built around 3 essential components; inspection, maintenance and repair. Our Playground Safety Inspectors hold a certification from the National Recreation and Park Association.

The goal of our program is to minimize the likelihood of serious injury. Research shows that along with being fun playgrounds are important for social, physical and mental development of children. Some level of decision making, and risk is good for the development of children. 

We invite you to explore one of our many Raleigh playgrounds. 

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