Strategic Plan

for the City of Raleigh

The City of Raleigh’s Strategic Plan is a testament to the City's dedication to enhancing the quality of life for our vibrant community. The Plan serves as a dynamic, comprehensive roadmap that charts the course for the City’s future by focusing efforts on our current and future priorities.

The History and Structure of the Plan:

In April 2015, Raleigh City Council marked a milestone with the adoption of the City’s first-ever Strategic Plan. The Plan was a formal, five-year document adopted by City Council that translated the City’s vision and goals into actionable strategy that guided the organization’s focus, work, and resource alignment. The City used the same process to adopt it’s second Strategic Plan, which is currently being implemented and runs through FY25.

Both iterations of the City’s Strategic Plan have prioritized six key focus areas that reflect the chief components that support the current and future identity and character of the City:

  • Arts & Cultural Resources
  • Economic Development & Innovation
  • Growth & Natural Resources
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Safe, Vibrant, & Healthy Community
  • Transportation & Transit

Under each key focus area, the Plan contains citywide objectives and initiatives that bring the Plan to life. Raleigh’s strategic planning efforts also include performance management which assists the City with using its resources more effectively by illuminating successes and challenges.

Strategic Plan Reporting:

As part of the City’s performance management efforts, the City has processes in place to make sure that we are responsibly reporting progress on the Plan. At the internal level, we share progress updates through regular Strategic Plan meetings aimed to promote discussion and collaboration. These meetings give City leadership and staff the opportunity to do things such as review initiative progress, analyze performance measure trends, and collaborate.

In addition, we work to communicate information related to the Strategic Plan with the community through multiple avenues including an annual performance report (you can find the most recent report linked below in the "Resources" table), regular presentations to City Council, and updates to the following website.

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2022 Community Survey Results 

The Community Survey occurs on a biennial basis and results are posted in the spring.

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FY23 Performance Report

The annual Performance Report highlights progress on initiatives in the City's Strategic Plan.


FY22 Performance Report

The annual Performance Report highlights progress on initiatives in the City's Strategic Plan.





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