guitar player and banjo player performing in a plaza in downtown raleigh

Street Performers

Street performers are defined as any person or group of persons who conduct a performance, including by not limited to musicians and buskers, for entertainment purposes or voluntary donations on public rights-of way.  Street performers add vibrancy to public spaces and are encouraged to perform where pedestrian traffic is high and space is available for public access and observation.  Use of such public rights-of-way for street performances requires a Private Use of Public Spaces permit.

How to Apply

Step  Description 
1. Review Hospitality Guide  

Review the hospitality programs planning guide to learn about necessary requirements. Not sure if you qualify for a street performer permit or do you have questions? Reach out to us

(See Standards here)

2. Register and Submit Application 

Register or login to your Permit and Development Portal account, and apply for Street Performer Permit.

3. City Review & Notification  The City will review submissions, reach out with any comments or feedback, and charge the permit fee. The fee of $47 will be charged after completion and review of all requirements before the City will issue your permit.

Hours of Performance:

  • Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Friday/Saturday 8 a.m. to midnight
  • Sunday Noon 10 p.m.

Permit Provisions:

  • Permits are valid for one year (from July 1 through June 30).
  • Noise levels must meet City Code requirements. Refer to Sec. 12-5001 through 12-5011 of the City Code on noise regulations.
  • Amplification must be through a battery-powered amplifier. No electrical cords of any kind are allowed.
  • Special Event Permits supersede annual Street Performer Permits. If an approved special event is taking place, a street performance may not occur within 400 feet of the event footprint unless given permission by the event organizer.

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