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Planning and Development staff review preliminary subdivision plans to make sure all Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) requirements are met for this type of project. These requirements can be related to lot layout, roads, utilities, stormwater control, and tree conservation.

Subdivision plans are reviewed for lot size and dimensions, and for access for utility lines, services, and streets, depending on the zoning district. (See UDO 10.2.5)

Most subdivisions are approved administratively without review or approval by public boards or commissions unless a site is within a Metro Park Overlay or Historic Overlay Zoning District. Sites in those zoning districts require City Council approval. See UDO Section 10.1.8.

Before You Start Your Project

Key Steps in the Process

  1. Submit your completed Preliminary Subdivision Plan Application (page 4 + 5 of the Preliminary Subdivision Plan Application Package) to Pre-application Conferences have been waived in accordance with UDO Section 10.2.5.D.
  2. Monitor the progress of your plans via the Permit and Development Portal.
  3. The Planning and Development Customer Service Center routes your plans to staff members who have expertise in planning, transportation, zoning, transit, stormwater, utilities, fire, forestry, and greenways. The team reviews the plans in conformance with the Unified Development Ordinance, as well as the policies, procedures, and regulations in the Public Utilities Handbook, Street Design Manual, Stormwater Manual, and the Solid Waste Handbook.
  4. Corrections and recommendations for your project can be reviewed in the Permit and Development Portal. Applicants, as well as any other project contacts, must be registered in the portal to view this activity.
  5. Applicants are expected to address each staff correction in writing and submit a revised plan for review.
  6. Staff will prepare the administrative approval action for final approval.
  7. The applicant receives a letter of decision, which provides the official action on the preliminary subdivision plan and any conditions of approval. Subsequently, site permit review plans (SPR) and preliminary plats may be submitted for review. However, an applicant cannot obtain permits or record a plat until receiving an approval letter and the applicant has met all applicable conditions of approval outlined in the administrative action document.

Mailed Notification Requirement (For ALL Preliminary Subdivisions)

ALL Preliminary Subdivisions are subject to public notice in accordance with Unified Development Ordinance Sections (UDO) 10.1.8 and TC-11-20 amendment of UDO Section 10.2.1. The notices are to be packaged and mailed to the following address for processing: Planning and Development Dept., Attn: Daniel L. Stegall, One Exchange Plaza, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27602.

The City of Raleigh Label Maker is a helpful resource that can be used to identify addresses within 100 feet of the subject property.

Mailed notification requires:

  • Stamped, unsealed envelopes each containing a map of the proposed development and a notification letter (to be provided) addressed to all property owners within 100’ of subject parcel(s).
  • One copy of the completed notification letter (click here for template)
  • One copy of the list of all property owners within 100’, with address and PIN of each property (obtain from iMaps).
  • One copy of a map (8.5"x11") showing all properties to be notified (to be included with letter, obtain from iMaps).


Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal
Required for Some Projects If dwelling units are proposed, please complete the Wake County Residential Development Notification Form (also known as Wake County School Form)
Helpful Project Resources

Expected Processing Time for Development Projects

Click here for a breakdown of standard review times.

Fee Information


Next Steps

Submit application for a Site Permitting Review (formerly known as Concurrent).



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