Personified basketball hoop sculptures by artist Chris Fennell. Located at Halifax Park Community Center.

Public Art

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Image Above: Chris Fennell, "Hoops Playing Hoops", 2015, Halifax Park Community Center

With the help of the Public Art and Design Board, Raleigh Arts has supported and coordinated over 150 temporary and permanent public art projects through programs like Community-Initiated Projects, the Percent for Art Program, and special and temporary public art projects. Learn more below about these programs, current public art projects, and where you can find public art in Raleigh.


Active Projects

Rendering for the Blount Person Corridor improvement

Raleigh Arts has temporary, permanent, and Percent for Art public art projects going on now.

View public art active projects in the City of Raleigh.

Community-Initiated Projects

signal box wrapped in art by Sam Greene

Lost Ocean
Sam Greene
Lenoir St. and Wilmington St.

Community-Initiated Projects are designed to bring community-led temporary or permanent public art projects to the City of Raleigh.

Learn more about Community-Initiated Projects.

Percent for Art

Public artwork make using found objects. Located in Wilders Grove Solid Waste Facility by Matt McConnell, Lee Cherry, and Marc Russo.

The Percent for Art program allocates one percent of municipal construction funds for public art funding. The Public Art and Design Board oversees this program.

Learn more about Percent for Art.

Public Art Map

This map shows the location of both temporary and permanent public art pieces, including those in the Municipal Art Collection, throughout the City of Raleigh.