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Recreation Business Office - Frank E. Evans Building

Loretta Stokes

Loretta Stokes


I recently came into the Recreation Business Office to register my daughter for a program. Ms. Stokes was very nice and provided me with a great deal of useful information. Good customer service seems to be a rare quality nowadays. However, Ms. Stokes has it down to a science and provided me with SUPERB customer service! The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources department is lucky to have an employee like Ms. Stokes. - Kesha

Lake Wheeler Park

Danielle Carrea Lake Wheeler Park
Danielle Carrea Lake Wheeler Park

I contacted Danielle about renting a shelter at Lake Wheeler Park for a group for a business function. She was very professional in the way she handled our entire event. Danielle worked with me on all my requests (needed a shelter near bathrooms, by the lake and kayak rentals, etc.) and dates, plus was very quick in returning emails with information. A great experience! Thank you! - Laura


Method Community Park

Elizabeth Sharpe Method Community Park
Elizabeth Sharpe Method Community Park

I have been at events at Method Community Center and have heard many comments about Elizabeth. Patrons have mentioned that they like the community activities that bring the neighborhood together, that they’re well thought out and reliable. What surprised me was that I was at another event across town and a patron mentioned Elizabeth’s name as organized, reliable, and thoughtful in relation to pickleball. - Janice

John Chavis Community Center

Jesse Cox Chavis Community Center
Jesse Cox Chavis Community Center

My son recently attended an outdoor adventure camp based out of Chavis Community Center. The camp was incredibly well run and organized. Denise Hill, Jesse Cox and the camp staff were wonderful - supportive, professional and positive in every way! I want to extend a special KUDOS to the entire staff at Chavis. EVERY time I walked into the center, I was greeted positively and treated with respect from EVERY staff member I encountered. Thank you for making Raleigh a brighter place! - Mandy

Art4Fun Camp

My daughter has attended Art4Fun camps for two summers and really loves it. Eliza, Asia, and the counselors really seem to enjoy providing Art4Fun and it shows. They are courteous and friendly and safety conscious when it comes to the campers. The projects they lead, especially during Project Runway week, are amazing! My daughter comes home from Art4Fun happy and tired. We will return summer after summer. - Karen

Jaycee Park

Our church meets at Jaycee Park each Sunday morning. The park is not yet officially open so Mark comes in each week to open up for us and sit at the desk while we have the service. Mark has always been there earlier before we arrive and had the door open and ready for us. He has also gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us find things or to accommodate our requests. He has also been keen to help us assure safety by locking and unlocking the doors at the appropriate times to make sure our congregation gets in but others do not. He has been great to work with! - David


Optimist Community Center

My grandson went to the Krafty Sports camp this summer. It was a great experience for him. This group of coaches were very friendly and professional. I could tell they all enjoyed what they were doing. He told me he would never forget them because they made it fun each day. These guys deserve more than a shout out because they are truly impacting kids' lives in a positive way. Keep it! - Susan

John Chavis Memorial Park

Danielle was working as a greeter at the John Chavis Legacy Awards Ceremony. I must say, although I'm not an original native of Raleigh, her courteous welcoming set the tone for an epic night! Kudos to Danielle! - Coby

Jaycee Park

I have been coming to Jaycee Park for several years and the crew that takes care of this site is amazing! I finally met Neal, the supervisor, and am even more impressed because Neal said his crew take care of several other sites as well. No matter what is happening in life and no matter the season, when I drive in and step out into the beautiful, tranquil environment and it brings a smile to my face! The excitement of the wide range of ages playing baseball, volleyball, and enjoying nature are joyous signs of the awesome job of Neal’s crew! - Darby

Forest Ridge Park

I really enjoyed my hike at Forest Ridge Park – we hiked the red and orange loops. I was very impressed by the lack of puddles on the trail, given all the rain we had the day before. That speaks volumes about the quality of the trail layout and its construction – excellent job! We saw a wild turkey and a great blue heron. - Debra


Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park

My daughter’s Daisy Scout Troop had a fantastic program on mammals with Derek tonight. He was informative, kind, and fantastic with a group of wild first grade girls. We all learned something from the evening (including the parents!) and Derek really gave the girls a great experience learning about mammals and then finding signs of them around the park. - Katrina


Optimist Community Center

I drive once or twice a week to the Optimist Center to play pickleball. I had the privilege of meeting Bryan. He has done so much to make this program successful. He goes out of his way to make everyone’s experience a great one. He is a real asset to the city of Raleigh. I thoroughly enjoy coming to the Optimist Center to play pickleball. - Joe

Nature Programs

Donna, who does the Nature Program, is wonderful. It’s an hour packed full of stories, songs, stuffed animals, and live animals. She is great with the kids and I love going to her classes too. - Keri

Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park

Ms. Marti has been running nature programs for children which we have attended since my oldest was 3! She taught them so much about animals and nature that they still remember today. For years, the children would put on nature shows with all the crafts they created in her classes. Her classes helped us grow as a family and appreciate nature. Family fun days are great too! Our favorite memory is the class she did on snakes where the snake wound its way through Ms. Marti belt loop! Her ventriloquist talents are also top notch. Ms. Marti is a gift to all she meets. Thank you, Ms. Marti. - Jeannine


Walnut Creek Wetland Center

Two teens came into the Center with an injured great horned owl. Courtney and Frances sprang into action and transported the owl to an emergency care vet. When these young men found an injured animal, they knew where to turn to: a City of Raleigh park. In the face of not knowing what else to do, they knew Walnut Creek Wetland Center offered a safe and caring place and people who would care about what happened to the animal. These ladies were not obligated to do anything but they went above and beyond because they truly are exceptional employees who give exceptional service! - Stacie



Sertoma Arts Center

I have been going to Sertoma to work on pottery for years. Randy Hinson is the director of the pottery studio. He creates a congenial atmosphere for all levels of potters. I don’t know what we would do without his professional service in running a top-notch studio that is well known all over NC! - Mary Beth



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Gardens

I noticed that someone had vandalized the shelter area at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Gardens Park. I sent an email, along with pictures, to Grady Bussey asking for his help. His response was almost immediate! Within a very short amount of time, the crew had come in and completely cleaned up the area so that there was no evidence that there ever been any damage done to the shelter. Just wanted to thank Grady AND the crew for being so responsive and making sure that our parks are beautiful, clean places for us all to experience and enjoy. I come here on a regular basis and appreciate the facilities being well-maintained! -AlexAndrea



Sanderford Road Community Center

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Adam Sproles and Mitzi Horton at Sanderford Road Park. We are so pleased and excited for our little neighborhood kiddies that the Raleigh Parks Department is sponsoring our neighborhood Trunk or Treat Event. It comes at a perfect time as many of us are devastated by the recent damage to the shelter area of the park. It is a positive event to offset something very negative and will hopefully bring many smiles and happiness to our community. - Alexandrea


School Programs - Sycamore Creek

Lindsay is a ray of light daily. Her upbeat attitude and energy have a positive effect on everyone around her. It's obvious how much she loves her job and enjoys working with the kids. I feel beyond confident having my son in the care of her and her staff each afternoon. I also greatly appreciate seeing her at school events outside of her program time. A true blessing to our kids and our school. - Sarah


Optimist Park

My daughter decided she wanted to play volleyball last spring. Coach G did a wonderful job teaching and showing her how to play. Coach G has taken the time to help her with her skills. He makes her feel comfortable and does a remarkable job. He obviously cares about these kids and wants them to learn. Even when I thank him for his time, I can tell he truly does it for the kids. Thank you so much for providing me and my daughter with an awesome role model of a person!! We are truly grateful. - Stephanie


Abbotts Creek Community Center

Dylan and Aqueyah were courteous, understanding and extremely helpful related to the recreational activities/programs for those with physical/mental disabilities. Please recognize these two employees for their superior customer service skills and their commitment to providing our community with extraordinary professionalism: they are model city employees. - Angel



Method Community Park

>Elizabeth is one of the kindest employees I have ever met or interacted with. She always gives patrons her full attention when answering questions or helping them out. She was very accessible if there were unique situations that needed to be handled. After an accident happened on the basketball court, she carried out all of the medical and safety procedures effectively. I have known Elizabeth to be very thorough in her work and support all staff equally. - Sheridan


Carolina Pines Park

WOW camp, the last week of summer camp, was the first week of full-day camp for my 5-year-old grandson. All the counselors, but especially Jalen, were so extremely kind and caring when my grandson had difficulty being away from his mother all day. Jalen made all the difference between what could have been a stressful experience and a really fun good experience. Thank you so very much! - Margaret


Method Community Park

Val was the director for the CSI Forensics camp and she has a very caring heart and took exceptional care of my daughter who attended her camp last week! - Sarah


Urban Forestry

I managed to put my drone into the top of a very tall tree. The drone was at least 40 feet from the ground, near the top of the tree. A Parks and Recreation tree team was working nearby and I asked for help. I was very blessed to have them in the park on Saturday! The drone is home now, in perfect shape. Thanks guys!!!

It was an exciting Saturday topped off with some serious help from a couple of Parks workers. Nice to know there are still real people who enjoy helping others. - Denny and Bill


Abbotts Creek Community Center

Robert has been FANTASTIC to work with! He has done a superb job partnering with Abbotts Creek Elementary School to make the student's educational experiences even more meaningful. I am a teacher at Abbotts Creek Elementary School and have really appreciated Robert's ability to think outside the box with me!

Jamie was warm and immediately open to listening to what happened. She was the pillar of customer service. I appreciated her offering a solution when she saw the next problem rise up. I left my interaction with her less upset and I appreciate her excellent customer service.

I have never met people with more patience more eagerness and they really love their job. The entire community is so grateful to have these two people at our community center. - Katie, Krista and Louis



Millbrook Exchange Pool

We have been very pleased with the intra-city swim program over the years. They are very well-organized, exciting, encouraging, fun, and engaging for swimmers, parents, and volunteers. The Clerk of the Course particularly has the toughest job in my opinion. Tim McAllister with the Millbrook Exchange pool was the clerk for the most recent meet at Optimist this summer, four hours, under the sun, in the heat, but caring, fun and high-spirited throughout. Could not sing enough praises! - Shawsheen


Jaycee Community Center

I can't say enough about the warmth and enthusiasm all of the Jaycee staff bring to their summer camps. They know everyone by name and take a very individualistic approach to make each camper's experience unique, safe, and enjoyable. We are moving and will miss going next year. Thank you, Jaycee, for four fun-filled summers! -Mary


Optimist Community Center

Coach Kendall has been incredibly patient during the preschool soccer class. He takes time with every child to meet their needs and help them enjoy the sport of soccer (or whichever sport he is teaching). My daughter enjoys going to soccer every week. Aside from teaching the basics, coach Kendall has taught her to have fun playing sports. I appreciate that more than anything else. Thank you Coach K! -Megan


Five Points Center for Active Adults

From the minute you stepped through the door, you have been so helpful to me and the rest of the staff. It took you absolutely no time to learn the ups and downs of the center. There are many patrons that have had so many nice things to say about you. You will do anything you can, and very quickly, to assist all of us. Thank you Morgan for all you do. I appreciate it...and so do the other part-timers! -Sara


School Programs

I wanted to reach out to you and inform you of how impressed I was not only with Travis but his entire team. The professionalism displayed by all of them was exceptional and Travis really presented the information well! After speaking with Travis I felt a sense of tremendous reassurance that our son would be safe and well cared for. He has had nothing but good things to say about it and I’m extremely confident that trend will continue. My wife has dropped our son off at the program and has mentioned how easily and efficiently the process works. I wanted to give credit where it is due and Travis exudes a confidence and passion for his role that truly stood out to me; enough that I felt compelled to make you aware. It is immeasurably reassuring to parents when those watching our children display such accountability and Travis did that in spades! -Lucas


Greystone Recreation Center

Wow! What a fantastic camp experience provided by the Greystone staff. My daughter participated in “Princess Camp”. I can’t thank the staff enough for all the hard work, effort, extra, hours and excitement put into the camp. My daughter came home everyday excited and happy. There was so much to do and the energy was so positive. Thank you for everything! Hope to do this one again and again! -Megan


Pullen Aquatics Center

I would like to be sure that you know what a wonderful staff you have at Pullen Aquatic Center, and that you know how much they are appreciated by those of us who use the pool.  What really stands out is the "how can I help you?" attitude of everyone I have met. There are too many examples to write in an email.  Whenever I thank the lifeguards for going "above and beyond" to help me, the answer is always "Of course, that's what we're here for."  I think that, at Pullen, it begins with Tricia, who answered all of my questions the first time I phoned, and has helped me to find the best way to use the pools for my therapy.  There is a very friendly interaction among the lifeguards, as well.  They are always very cordial, while maintaining a professional focus when in the chair.  I believe that such a positive atmosphere speaks volumes about management. - Dorothy

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