Backflow Device Compliance

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Requirements for Backflow Devices during the Plan Review Process Checklist for Clients – What Device do I Need?

Requirements for Backflow Devices during the Plan Review Process

For a water customer to be considered in compliance, all domestic, irrigation, and fire services to your facility or residence are required to be contained with approved backflow protection. For most residential customers, this approved containment backflow protection is achieved by the installation of a dual check device on the meter yoke. For other services with higher risk, testable backflow assemblies are required to be installed according to Article D: Water Quality Protection and Appendix A: Guidelines and Requirements of the Cross Connection Program.  

Checklist for Clients – What Device do I Need?

This checklist is for applicants to assess the backflow protection needed for their project. 

Non-Residential Building Plans and Plumbing Utility Permits

For any new building, addition, change of use, or irrigation permits, the applicant will need to ensure that the following requirements are met as part of their project:

  • Cross-connection control protection devices are required based on degree of health hazard involved as listed in Appendix-B of the Rules Governing Public Water Systems in North Carolina.
  • The devices shall meet American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) standards and be on the University of Southern California approval list.
  • The backflow type and installation shall meet the guidelines of Appendix A – Guidelines and Requirements for the Cross Connection Program in Raleigh’s Service Area. 
  • The required containment backflow assembly shall be installed and tested (both initial and periodic testing thereafter) in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or the local cross-connection control program, whichever is more stringent. Contact for more information.

Site Permit Reviews (SPR Plans)

The Standard Utility Notes are required on any Site Permit Review. When a water connection is shown, the plans must show the type of backflow or approved equal according to the hazard classification.

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