Project Warranty and Acceptance Requirements

Water, Sewer, Storm, Roadway and Sidewalk Infrastructure Installations

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Project General Acceptance occurs when a project has met Acceptance requirements. Raleigh Water’s jurisdiction includes the Raleigh service area merger towns in Garner, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Wendell, and Zebulon. Once the project has completed all inspections and passed all testing, the developer or their representative shall submit the following documentation for each project location and phase. Following the below guidelines will be helpful in expediting acceptance. This information is a guide to assist with acceptance submittals. Understand other requirements may be needed for submittals not covered on this Checklist due to the type of project. Work with the inspector to confirm what is needed for the project.
Note: A meter cannot be set until the required processes are completed. 

Project Final Walkthrough

The developer or their representative needs to provide the following documents and schedule a final walkthrough.

Required Documents:

  1. PDF or paper copy of the as-build to Raleigh or the Merger Town inspector before scheduling the final walkthrough
  2. Copy of the Utility Infrastructure Walkthrough Checklist.


Scheduling Final Walkthrough:

  1. A pre-walkthrough is required of the contractor before scheduling the final walkthrough.
  2. Calling in a final walkthrough.
  3. Raleigh’s final walkthrough request can be scheduled at - Raleigh Inspection Request
  4. Merger Town’s final walkthrough request can be scheduled at - Merger Town Inspection Request.


Final Walkthrough Inspection:

  1. Inspector will generate a list of defective items. During the final walkthrough, if a high number of deficiencies are found the final walkthrough will be suspended.
  2. Utility Contractor will need to repair and replace the faulty or damaged items.
  3. Schedule a second final walkthrough for the inspector to verify the repairs have been completed.
  4. Utility Contractor must sign and close out the plug permit.
    1. Signing of the plug permit certifies that all plugs have been removed, sewer mains, sewer services, and manholes associated with the project have been adequately cleaned and are ready for CCTV once acceptance documents are summited and reviewed.   

Project Acceptance Document Package and Submitting Documents

The acceptance documents package and Utility Infrastructure Acceptance Checklist are linked below. Other acceptance documents may be required for acceptance not covered on the checklist below due to the type of project. The process for a smooth acceptance is as follows.

  1. Engineer, developer, and contractor need to work with the inspectors in Raleigh or Merger Towns to submit the Acceptance Document
  2. Complete the Utility Infrastructure Acceptance Checklist and the required documents listed in the Utility Infrastructure Acceptance Checklist to Raleigh or the merger town inspector
  3. Phasing is required to be summited with the Utility Infrastructure Acceptance Checklist.
  4. Acceptance documents are summited to Raleigh or the merger town to the following location:
  1. Projects are reviewed in the order Raleigh or Merger Towns receive the document package. Incomplete document packages cannot advance until all documents are submitted.
  2. Once all Acceptance Documents are received the acceptance process begins

Acceptance Process:

1st Step: GIS maps project

2nd Step: CCTV cameras both public and private mains to verify there are no defects. CCTV will stop inspections for a defective item. The defective item must be repair, Re-inspection fees paid, and reschedule CCTV inspection. CCTV inspections are scheduled in the order they are received.

  • Raleigh re-inspection fees are paid in the Raleigh portal
  • Merger town re-inspection fees are paid to the admin staff on the 6th Floor of OEP. Check made out to the City of Raleigh. Visa can be taken over the phone at 919-996-3491

3rd Step: Raleigh and Merger Town will release building permit and billing information. Must have an active billing account so a water meter can be requested.

4th and Final Step: Project will receive the signed acceptance letter.

One-Year Project Warranty

The warranty of the accepted project will start once the developer, or their representative, receives the signed acceptance letter from Raleigh Water. The developer or their representative is required to notify Raleigh Water once the one-year warranty is completed.