a rendering of Hillsborough Street, showing what a complete streets looks like.

Raleigh Complete Streets

Public spaces and sustainable transportation networks

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The City strives to create streets that are great public spaces and sustainable transportation networks. Complete Streets accommodate all modes of transportation, allowing bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, vehicles, as well as commercial and emergency vehicles to navigate City streets safely.

We listen to what residents have to say about the streets they live and travel on, by including community engagement during the design and construction phase of all our of streets and sidewalks projects.


How We Live

  • Unbiased mobility choices;
  • Accessible for all regardless of mode of travel and physical ability;
  • Amenities and infrastructure for all transportation types (i.e. Bike lanes, Bus stops, sidewalks, multi-use paths, vehicle lanes);
  • Community spaces;
  • Compliments architectural, economic, community, and land uses patterns throughout the City; and,
  • Brings together smart technologies and transportation (i.e. smart parking meters, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) systems, and Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)).
An engineered, planted area in the median on Sandy Forks Road that collects and cleans stormwater runoff when it rains

Sandy Forks Road has three bioretention basins including one in the median.  

Protect the Environment 

A Complete Street adds green, sustainable features to public streets such as:

Sustainable construction techniques

We encourage City staff, contractors, and developers to use sustainable construction techniques, like;

  • Warm-mix asphalt, which cuts fuel consumption and decreases the production of greenhouse gases; and,
  • Recycled materials such as concrete that can be used as base stone under roadway pavement.

Complete Streets also lower transportation costs over time using infrastructure such as roundabouts, which save energy when used instead of traffic lights.

Did you know asphalt is the world's most recycled material?  


Roundabout at Hillsborough St and Brooks Ave. intersection



Kenneth Ritchie, PE
Roadway Design & Construction 


Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Categories:
Roadway Design and ConstructionTransportation Planning

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