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Stormwater devices are typically added to new development during construction to manage the stormwater runoff coming from the property.

After construction - you are required to get the devices inspected each year.

What You'll Need

Annual inspections are completed by a North Carolina professional engineer, landscape architect, or land surveyor. They make sure that the device is maintained and functioning properly. 

The inspection should include: 

  • Identifying and coordinating repairs; 
  • Filling out Form-501 and including it in the report (signed and sealed); 
  • Showing that your device(s) is functioning; and, 
  • Supporting photos/documents.

Make sure you complete this checklist before submitting your report. 

Do you need a licensed professional to help with maintenance and the inspections? View these recommendations from the Stormwater Inspection & Maintenance Program.

Smaller Sites

If your property was built under the text change for smaller site development - complete Form-502 for your inspection. A North Carolina professional engineer, landscape architect, or land surveyor does not need to complete the form. 

Timeframe and Enforcement

Annual Inspection reports are due every year on the sites anniversary date of as-built acceptance (unless a date change has been previously approved by staff). If you are unsure of when your anniversary date is, please reach out to with the address of the site or SCM.

If a site does not submit a certified annual inspection report by their anniversary date, they will be out-of-compliance and could be subject to enforcement and potential fines. To request additional time (without enforcement) to complete the inspection requirements, the site can use the Extension Request Form.

Please note that requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and using one may prohibit the site’s ability to request an extension again in the future.

Property Managers

Join the City for an information session about stormwater device requirements. You'll also learn about common maintenance needs for a device on your property. More details are available by email.

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