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Stormwater Design Manual

Updates to help with construction process and meeting current development requirements

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Give us Your Feedback - Second Draft The Manual

We are in the process of updating our stormwater design manual – it‘s been about 20 years since we made changes!

We are completely re-writing the manual. This process includes adding current and new stormwater requirements for development in Raleigh.

What to Expect

The new manual will help you: 

  • Complete construction on your property;
  • Meet local and state regulations; and,
  • Address shifting development trends.

Give us Your Feedback - Second Draft

We've made more changes to the manual based on your initial comments and collected feedback on the second draft of the manual in September. We'll use this input to finalize the manual. 

Changes in the second draft include: 

  1. Clarifying what's needed for lot grading plans; 
  2. Removing duplicate requirements for land disturbance activity; and, 
  3. Explaining construction buffer zones more clearly. 

Updated Manual - Second Draft

We collected feedback on the first draft of the manual in July 2020.

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