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Hare Snipe Watershed

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Watershed Study About Hare Snipe Watershed Map

Watershed Study

We completed a study of the Hare Snipe Watershed located in Northwest Raleigh. Learn more about our work and next steps for the Hare Snipe Watershed Study.

About Hare Snipe

The Hare Snipe Creek watershed is located in Northwest Raleigh and is one of 36 watersheds in the city. It covers more than seven square miles across Raleigh and Wake County, with over five square miles within the city limits. 


  • Flows from north to south with the head waters or water's source near Springdale Estate.
  • Joins with Crabtree Creek just south of Glenwood Avenue.
  • Flows south to eventually reach the Neuse River. 
  • Several unnamed streams or tributaries also flow to this creek.

Stormwater infrastructure, like culverts, pipes and drains, help safely collect and carry stormwater runoff into the creek when it rains. Water can also flow through the system under roads, driveways, and bridges before it reaches creeks.

Watershed Map

Zoom into the map to see the location of the stormwater system and some recent stormwater projects. Raleigh Stormwater maintains the areas in yellow. Click the three lines on the map (upper right corner) to see what the icons mean.



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