A concrete dam structure that carries water under Laurel Hills Road

Maintaining a Dam

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City-owned Dams Maintaining Privately Owned Dams

City-owned Dams

After a dam is constructed, we complete regular maintenance on City-owned dam structures to make sure that dam infrastructure is functioning properly and remains in good condition.

We complete maintenance on 26 dams - 11 are high-hazard dams.

Dam Repairs

Repaired dams are designed and constructed to meet current North Carolina Dam Safety requirements. Repairs improve the stormwater system, reduce flooding and/or improve water quality.

Dam Removals

Removing a dam completely restores the land back to its natural state. This reestablishes natural water flows, provides a healthier habitat for fish and wildlife, improves water quality, and eliminates safety concerns of a failing dam.

Maintaining Privately Owned Dams

Do you have a dam on your property? Follows these tips to maintain it.

  • Repair any issues with the dam structure (i.e. remove woody vegetation and trees, and check for cracks/leaks along the dam structure).
  • Keep grass and brush on top of and along the dam short. Mow and clear these areas often.
  • Place vegetation, like plants and shrubs, along the streambank to maintain good water quality and limit erosion. This also stabilizes the streambank both upstream and downstream of a dam and lake.
  • Pick up any litter or debris surrounding the lake and at the dam to reduce downstream pollution along rivers and streams.
  • Contact North Carolina Dam Safety at 919-707-9220 if you have concerns with a dam on your property and to coordinate any dam repairs or removals. 
  • Make sure your emergency action plan is up to date.



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