North Shore Lake in Raleigh

City-owned Dams

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What We Do

We maintain low- and high-hazard dams that are City-owned. Maintenance and repairs include making sure that dams are functioning properly and that they are in good condition.

Drinking Water Supply

We also maintain dams for our drinking water supply

  • EM Johnson Water Plant (A, B, and Sludge Lagoons)
  • Neuse River Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Lake Benson 
  • Lake Wheeler Dam

Stormwater Dams

Excludes Wake County-maintained dams in Raleigh - Crossgate Dam, Lake Crabtree, Haddon Hall Dam, and Shelley Lake.

Dam Locations and Classifications

Alvis Farm Dam Low
Annie Louise Wilkerson Nature Preserve Low
Beaman Lake DamWake-174Low
Brockton Drive DamWake-386High
Brookhaven Nature Preserve Dam Low
Carolina Pine DamWake-388High
Cedar Hills Park Dam Low
Durant Nature Preserve Dam ( Lowe Lake)Wake-161High
Durant Nature Preserve Dam (Upper Lake)Wake-001Low
Eastgate ParkWake-156High
Eden Pond DamWake-191High
Horseshoe Farm DamWake-361Low
Lake Johnson DamWake-035High
Laurel Hills Park DamWake-363Low
Laurel Hills Road Dam (Hester Pond)Wake-318High
Lower Longview Lake - Lower DamWake-212High
Lower Longview Lake - Upper DamWake-213High
Marsh Creek DamWake-197Low
Mt. Herman Road Dam Low
Northshore Lake DamWake-175High
Powell Drive Park Dam Low
Pullen Park Lower Dam Low
Pullen Park Upper Dam Low
Strickland Road Park Dam 1 Low
Strickland Road Park Dam 2 Low

Recent Projects



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Stormwater Controls Measures & Dams Asset Manager

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