View of people riding the John Chavis Memorial Park historic carousel

Historic Resources and Museum Program

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The Historic Resources and Museum (HRM) Program protects and promotes identified cultural museum and historical resource facilities, programs, and assets within the City of Raleigh.

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Red Pullen Park train

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View of the outside of the historic Borden Building

Borden Building

Fred Fletcher park is home to the historic Borden Building. The Borden Building is one of two remaining buildings on the former campus of the Methodist Home for Children. Built in 1900, the building is available for special event rentals.

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Interior of the Chavis carousel

No. 2, Special Three Abreast, Allan Herschell Carousel

John Chavis Memorial Park Carousel

John Chavis Memorial Park, formed in 1937, is home to the historic Allan Herschell Carousel. Ride tickets can be purchased at the park. In April 2016, John Chavis Memorial Park was added to the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places. Various special events and programs are held throughout the year.

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View of the interior of the City of Raleigh museum

City of Raleigh Museum

The museum curates temporary and permanent exhibits about the city's people, places, and resources, maintains a collection of approximately 10,000 artifacts and offers educational programming and tours. Visit Friends of COR Museum for information on supporting the museum.

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View of the stone amphitheater in Fred Fletcher Parkl

Fred Fletcher Amphitheater

Fred Fletcher Amphitheater is located in Fred Fletcher Park, close to the historic Borden Building. The Amphitheater can accommodate up to 300 people and is available for special event rentals.

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Raleigh trolley outside of the Mordecai Historic Park

Historic Raleigh Trolley

Historic Raleigh Trolley Tours depart from Mordecai Historic Park every Saturday March through December. The trolley can also be rented for special events and charter tours.

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View of the Latta House and University site during an event

Latta University Historic Park

The Latta University Historic Park is located in the historic Oberlin neighborhood. This two-acre site was home to the Reverend M.L. Latta House and Latta University founded in 1892. 

Find out more about the Latta University Historic Park

Moore Square

Moore Square

Moore Square was one of five public squares designated in the 1792 plan of Raleigh and has been central to Raleigh’s history for the 225 years since. The newly renovated Square honors Moore Square’s historic heritage, while also establishing a 21st-century urban space.

Moore Square provides a variety of innovative, creative, and exciting programs, ranging from history education to fitness (and much more!) in the heart of downtown Raleigh.

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View of the exterior of the historic Mordecai house

Mordecai Historic Park

Mordecai Historic Park is home to some of Raleigh's greatest historic treasures including the Mordecai House ca. 1785 and the Birthplace of Andrew Johnson.

Mordecai Historic Park offers tours, events, field trips, trolley tours, and much more.

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View of the exterior of the historic Pope House

Pope House Museum

Built in 1901, the Pope House Museum is the only African-American house museum in the state of North Carolina. The house museum features original furnishings and artifacts giving insight into a remarkable man and family. The museum is open for free tours on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Last tour starts at 2 p.m.

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Train in tunnel and pullen park amusements

Pullen Park Amusements

Pullen Park is home to some of Raleigh's great family-friendly entertainment! Richard Stanhope Pullen donated the land that is now Pullen Park in 1887 and now it houses the C.P. Huntington miniature train, a historic Gustave A. Dentzel Carousel, pedal boats, and kiddie boats. 

Ride tickets can be purchased for amusements at the park. Various special events and programs are held throughout the year.

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Exterior view of the Tucker House

Tucker House

The Tucker House, located in historic Oakwood, is a beautiful early twentieth-century home available for meetings, weddings, receptions, and parties.

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HRM Program Collection

Painting from the Historic Resources Program collection

Image courtesy of Capital Area Preservation, Inc.

The HRM Program manages more than 27,000 decorative art objects pertaining to local history and material culture. Learn about many of these objects on our online database.

Find out more about the HRM Program Collection here.


Volunteers shoveling pine straw

Volunteers are always needed at our historic sites and museums. The opportunities are open to everyone and volunteers are an essential part of our success!

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HRM Program Strategic Plan

Little girl riding John Chavis Memorial Park historic carousel

The purpose of the HRM Program Strategic Plan is to evaluate the operations and governance of the HRM Program, identifies ways for the program to move forward, and recommends strategies to achieve these goals. The HRM Program is ultimately a roadmap for the program’s growth and influence within the PRCR Department, City of Raleigh, and Triangle Region.

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View the HRM Strategic Plan - Executive Summary

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