Residential Curbside Recycling

Preparation and collection of accepted and non-accepted items

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What Items Can Be Recycled? General Curbside Preparation Electronics Recycling (E-Waste)

The City of Raleigh provides bi-weekly curbside recycling to single-family residential customers. Simply place accepted recyclables in the blue recycling cart provided by the City and put the cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your designated collection day.

What is my recycling pick-up day?
Recycling is collected every other week. Your recycling schedule is either the "A" week or the "B" week. Read more on our schedules page.

Find out your recycling day by using our MyRaleigh Services interactive tool.
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What Items Can Be Recycled?

It's imperative that only materials listed below be placed in recycling carts. You can also check the lid of your blue cart for easy reference. Scroll below for more information about whether your item is recyclable by type. 

Recycling Plant - Virtual Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens to recyclable materials once crews collect them from your recycling bin or cart? Where do they go? What materials are acceptable to place in your recycling bin? Join us for a virtual tour of a recycling plant to see the journey and learn what can and cannot go in the recycling bin. 

General Curbside Preparation

You can help collection crews by preparing the recyclable materials before putting them in your recycling container. General guidelines include:

  • Place materials in cart loosely, never in plastic bags.
  • Lightly rinse jars, bottles and tubs.
  • Close lids on recycle carts to avoid littering.

Recycling Containers

The City of Raleigh provides all single-family households with a complimentary recycling cart. Residents should call 919-996-3245 to establish City services – water service along with garbage and recycling pick-up. The Solid Waste Services Department will deliver a 95-gallon recycling cart to your residence.

Additional carts may be purchased by calling 919-996-3245. You may request a 95-gallon cart for $50 or a 65-gallon cart for $48. The additional cart will be delivered to your residence and you will be billed in your next City services utility bill.

Here are the dimensions of the two recycling cart options:

  • 95-gallon cart: 45.13” H x 28.7” W x 33.73” D
  • 65-gallon cart; 40.50” H x 26.7” W x 28.11” D

Can I get a smaller recycling container?

Yes. If you do not need a 95-gallon cart as your primary recycling container, you may request a smaller, 65-gallon cart instead. Please call 919-996-3245 to request a smaller cart. The Solid Waste Services Department will pick up your larger cart and replace it with the smaller container.

Before you make the call for a smaller recycling cart, please remember that recycling collection is every other week, not weekly. Also consider that there may be times, such as around the holiday season, that you’ll need the extra room offered by the 95-gallon cart.

Electronics Recycling (E-Waste)

The City of Raleigh offers free weekly curbside e-waste collection. E-waste is any electrical or electronic equipment that's been discarded. Collection occurs every Monday, and collections can be scheduled through our Customer Care Center. Residents that have e-waste for removal are able to call 919-996-3245 to schedule a collection; items should be placed at the curb for collection. 

Common items that can be collected through our e-waste program include:

Home Appliances

  • Microwaves
  • Electric cookers
  • Heaters
  • Fans

Communications and Information Technology Devices

  • Cell phones
  • Smart phones
  • Computer monitors
  • Laptops

Home Entertainment Devices

  • Televisions
  • Video game systems
  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Printers

Electronic Utilities

  • Heating pads
  • Remote controls
  • Television remotes
  • Electrical cords
  • Lamps
  • FitBits
  • Smart watches 


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