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The Municipal Art Collection holds more than 600 fine art and public art pieces by local, state, and national artists.

Displayed throughout Raleigh in public buildings, parks and other city-owned property are works that include:

  • paintings, prints, drawings, textiles, posters,
  • and large-scale sculptures as well as artworks used for education purposes at the Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers.

Featured Items

There are hundreds of art pieces in our art collection. Each month we will spotlight three to five pieces in a photo slideshow. Make sure to check back regularly. 

Liminal Being(s)
By: Saba Taj
Medium: oil paint, glitter, appliques, gold leaf, spray paint on canvas

Artist: Brian Brush
Medium: Polycarbonate Plastic, LED’s, Steel

On the Right Track but on the Wrong Train
Artist: Carmen Neely

Medium: Oil on canvas, enamel pins, embroidery

Search the Collection

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We have an online database with all of the pieces in our municipal art collection listed. There a a few different ways to use database:

Not sure how to start? Read our search tips for more information.

Interactive Map

Use our interactive map to find Municipal Art Collection pieces available for public view. Click on one of the dots on the map for more information including:

  • Title of the piece
  • Artist's Name
  • Address of where to see the art

Collection Selection Process

All acquisitions are approved by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission. The City's Curator of Exhibition and Collections researches and submits suggested artists to the Arts and Education Committee (AEC) for consideration. Upon referral of the Curator, the AEC will review proposals and make recommendations to the City of Raleigh Arts Commission (CORAC) for final approval.

Criteria for Building the Collection

  • Artistic merit or mastery of technique
  • Relevance to the collection, present and future, to the City of Raleigh Arts Commission mission
  • Physical condition and stability
  • Adequate resources for maintenance and conservation of the work
  • Concept and treatment of materials is innovative and unique
  • The work stands on its own and can be appreciated or accessible to all communities, cultures, and audiences
  • Artist involvement in the artistic and greater community



Stacy Bloom Rexrode
Curator of Exhibitions and Collections


Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Service Categories:
Raleigh Arts

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