Pooper Scooper Law

The person responsible for any dog must remove feces deposited by the dog from any private property unless the owner of the property has given permission allowing such use of the property. Removal of animal feces is not just a courtesy, it is an environmental necessity.

When animal feces are not removed as required by law, rain water carries it into the storm drains. The City's stormwater system is separate and does not treat water. This gravity-directed system merely carries stormwater complete with litter, including animal feces, on its natural path to the creeks and streams that feed into the Neuse River - a source of drinking water for millions of North Carolinians.

The animal feces that you see going into that stormwater drain will wind up in our creeks, streams and the Neuse River. This pollution leads to the development of oxygen-robbing algae and other problem organism which can cause fish kills and human health threats.





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