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Scheduling inspections is the responsibility of the contractor making the installation. Inspections can be scheduled online via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal. Call 919-996-2500 for assistance with the portal.

All inspection requests must be received by 4 p.m. prior to the day of the requested inspection.


Re-inspection fees are required prior to any additional inspection being scheduled. Fees must be paid directly to the Planning and Development Customer Service Center. This includes inspections rejected when the work is not ready, City-approved plans not on-site, construction cards not posted, and the contractor not on site (when required).

Required Inspections

1. UNDERGROUND SUPPLY LINES: Underground fire protection supply lines must be scheduled for inspection with the City Engineering Department, 919-996-3030, after the supply line has been installed and prior to backfilling and pressurizing.

2. LINE FLUSHING: Flushing of the supply lines for fire protection systems must be scheduled for inspection with the City Engineering Department, 919-996-3030, prior to connecting the building system to the underground. Underground Material Test Certificate must be completed and signed by city inspector. Leave copy with the permit card on site.

3. CHLORINATION: Chlorination and flushing of the supply lines for fire protection systems must be scheduled for inspection with the City Engineering Department, 919-996-3030, prior to connecting the building system to the underground.

4. UNDERGROUND FDC LINES: Underground FDC supply lines must be scheduled for inspection with the RFD- Fire Protection Division, prior to backfilling the line. Lines will be flushed after connection to building system. Flushing to be witnessed by GC, on underground material test certificate.

5. FIRE PROTECTION ROUGH-IN: The sprinkler "rough-in must be scheduled for inspection with the RFD Fire Protection Division after all arm-overs, drops, sprig-ups, walls, partitions, all valves, etc., are completed and sprinklers installed (including attic sprinklers, if required) and prior to the installation of any ceilings. The walls or partitions do not have to be completed but, must be framed in place. The hydrostatic test, including completion of the Aboveground material test certificate, will be performed at this time. The standpipe rough-in will utilize the same procedure as for sprinkler systems above.

6. FIRE ALARM ROUGH-IN: The fire alarm rough-in must be scheduled for inspection after all wiring and boxes have been installed. Rough-in must be signed off prior to installing finishes which will conceal the wiring and boxes.

7. FINAL INSPECTION: The sprinkler/ standpipe/ fire pump/ fire alarm final must be scheduled for inspection with the RFD Fire Protection Division after the alarm and sprinkler work is completely finished, including fire alarm system, and all building finishes completed (painting, carpet, etc). Some of the tests that are required to be conducted when applicable, but not limited to, are:

a. Main Drain Flow Test. (must drain outside to an appropriate place)

b. System flow test (inspectors test)

c. Complete Fire Alarm Systems Test

d. Dry Pipe System Air Test (40 psi, 24 hours) will be required in addition to the hydrostatic test

e. Dry Pipe Trip Test (60 second)

f. Dry System Low Air, High Air supervisory alarm test

g. Valve Tamper for all system control valves

h. Fire pump Alarm Test

The fire alarm final inspection must be scheduled for inspection at the same time as the sprinkler final and will be inspected along with the sprinkler system. The purpose of this requirement is to reduce the number of inspections which require a contractors presence.

All standpipe and pressure regulating/ restricting hose valve will be flow tested in the presence of the RFD inspector. All pressure and flow readings will be recorded and turned over to the owner for future reference.

Other Inspections

1. Alterations and Interior Completion projects are to be scheduled for a rough in inspection prior to the ceiling being installed. In the case of alterations in occupied spaces the sprinkler contractor shall be onsite to remove ceiling tiles as necessary for inspection.

2. Scheduling of the Fire Pump Startup. Fire Pump Rough-in inspection must be approved prior to scheduling fire pump startup. Startup test must be requested at least two working days prior to running the test. Due to the time required to conduct this inspection, it needs to be coordinated with the Fire Protection Inspector, prior to scheduling the inspection. After an acceptable date is established the contractor is responsible for scheduling the inspection.

3. The fire pump will be tested in the presence of the inspector and in accordance with the requirements of NFPA-20. The required amount of water must flow to the atmosphere at the pump test header (Bypass Flow meter testing is not allowed for initial tests).

4. Contact E. M. Johnson WTP Supervisor (919-870-2870) 12 hours prior to the fire flow test, advise them of the location of the test and the approximate flow required.

Certification Requirements

1. Contractors Material and Test Certificate for both underground and above ground piping (including flushing, hydrostatic test, and system drain test).

2. Two copies of the City of Raleigh's Test and Maintenance Report for the backflow preventers.

3. Fire pump test certification letter.

4. Certification for flow test of all pressure regulating valves.

5. Certification of backflow prevention assembly forward flow test at system design demand.

6. Monitoring Report from UL listed central station showing pretest of all fire alarm, supervisory, and water flow devices.

7. Design engineer's certification statement that the total fire protection system is installed in accordance with the design drawings and meets the requirements of the N.C. State building code.


Do not request an inspection until the work is ready. Work not ready will be rejected and will require a re-inspection fee to be paid prior to rescheduling the inspection. It is required that the contractor, superintendent, or foreman check the work for code compliance before an inspection is requested.



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