Real Estate

A service unit of the Planning and Development Department

Current Opportunities

View current opportunities for city-owned surplus real estate property for sale.

Real estate provides services to other city departments in the acquisition of real property for rights-of-way, public utilities, public facilities, greenway, parks and community development. In addition, staff manages city leases, the city's real property inventory, and the disposition of city surplus real property.

Consider the following when bidding on surplus property:

  • All information stated herein is subject to change.
  • Acreage amounts are based on Wake County tax records and may not be accurate.
  • Bidders are encouraged to obtain a survey to verify site size.
  • Bidders should research the property fully prior to making a bid and should consider retaining an attorney for a title opinion.
  • Please verify zoning and land use restrictions with the Planning and Development Department.
  • Each property is being sold as-is, buyer beware, and it is the duty of any bidder to research the property on their own prior to making any bid. The information posted on this site (notice, property characteristics, structures, pictures, etc.) is for assistance only in the bidder's research process and cannot and should not be relied upon solely by any bidder.