The exterior of the John P Top Greene Community Center


John P. “Top” Greene Community Center

Renovation and Expansion

John Top Greene Center renovation and expansion with the associated site and stormwater enhancements. 

Consider joining the Chavis/Top Greene/South Park Heritage Walk Joint Community Advisory Group for the upcoming improvements for Chavis, Top Greene, and South Park Heritage Walk.

As a Joint CAG member for Chavis/South Park Heritage Walk/John P Top Greene, you'll help ensure that community voices are heard and represented in the planning process. By facilitating communication between Raleigh Parks and the community, you'll play a crucial role in creating a park that truly reflects the needs and wants of local stakeholders. 

To learn more and get involved, visit the John Chavis Memorial Park Phase 2 Planning Process website and the South Park Heritage Walk & Top Greene Center Improvements Planning Process website.

Project Schedule: 2023-2027

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Project Lead:
Engineering Services Department, Construction Management Division


Current Phase: Planning
Timeline: 2023-2024

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