Glen Eden Park Park Bioretention Area

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

We constructed a bioretention area at Glen Eden Pilot Park. The project is engineered to capture, absorb, and clean stormwater runoff. The plants, mulch, soil, gravel, and underground pipes will:

  • Slow down the water; and,
  • Filter out water pollution before it reaches House Creek and Crabtree Creek.

Project Details

$300,000 (design & construction)
Project Lead:
Stormwater Management
Hazen & Sawyer (Design); Lanier Construction Company (Construction)



Heather Dutra
Water Quality Supervisor

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Participating Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Service Unit:




Crews are finished with this green stormwater infrastructure project. It included: 

  • Excavating the land for the bioretention area; 
  • Installing the pipes, stone, and soil in the bioretention area; and,
  • Stabilizing the area with temporary vegetation/plants; 
  • Completing concrete and asphalt work to direct stormwater runoff into the bioretention area; and, 
  • Adding mulch and plants to the project area. 

During the warranty period, crews will make required repairs or maintenance for the project. This period ends in fall 2022. 

Plant Growth

Many of the plants will not sprout until spring. There are temporary plants in place to help stabilize the soil until then. Please don't walk on the plants or go in the bioretention area. This will help protect the plants and allow them to grow. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services