Walnut Creek Wetland


Dana Drive and Walnut Creek Floodplain Evaluation

Floodplain Management

The project will evaluate what measures if any will help reduce flooding on Dana Drive near the Brook Hill Townhomes. 

Project Details

200,000 (Design)
WKDickson (Design)



Todd Rall
Senior Engineer

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




We are evaluating possible infrastructure to mitigate flooding of the apartments located on Dana Drive. The flooding that took place in October 2021, increased attention to the area and refocused attention on the floodplain and possible improvements to the downstream flooding source (Walnut Creek) to reduce flooding.  Improvements to the Walnut Creek channel will be evaluated on a cost vs benefit basis and any action taken will need to show a significant reduction in flood elevations.

Next Steps


We will meet with the contractors to discuss the floodplain modeling and design options for the project.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Dana Drive is located in the southwestern part of Raleigh and is along Walnut Creek. This area has had flooding issues with a small culvert under Dana Drive and a backwater issue from the FEMA floodplain area around Walnut Creek. The current project will focus on identifying culvert improvements at Dana Drive to meet a minimum level of service. The second focus of this project will identify channel restoration and floodplain grading opportunities along Walnut Creek to reduce flood elevations for the nearby apartments that have historically flooded.