Current condition of area between the playground and pool at Biltmore Hills Park. This area will be home to two bioretention cells.


Biltmore Hills Park Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Incorporating GSI In Raleigh Parks

The Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) of NC State University (NCSU) is partnering with Raleigh Stormwater to design and install green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) at Biltmore Hills Park to help reduce the amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants entering Rochester Heights Creek. As a result, we anticipate a reduction in streambank erosion and frequent nuisance flooding for residents living in the downstream Rochester Heights community.

This project is funded by EPA 319 and NC Department of Justice Ecosystem Enhancement Grant (EEG) awards as well as the City of Raleigh. For further details on funding and this project, please visit WRRI’s project webpage.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI), a program of NC State University in partnership with City of Raleigh Stormwater
Kris Bass Engineering (Design), Fluvial Solutions (Construction)



Amy Farinelli
Stormwater Engineer

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:



This project supports

Raleigh's Climate Plan in Action


This phase is complete.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Detailed design and permitting were completed in late spring 2023.

The Biltmore Hills Park GSI project design includes a bioretention swale at the community center to reduce runoff from the roof, bioretention cells by the community pool to control runoff from the parking lot, and cisterns to harvest and re-use rainwater. These practices will capture and store rainwater, allowing it to infiltrate slowly into the ground. This will reduce water pollution and heavy flows entering Rochester Heights Creek.

dering of the bioretention cell and swale to be constructed in front of the community center.

Rendering of the bioretention cell and swale to be constructed in front of the community center.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Construction on the green stormwater infrastructure project began late November 2023 and is expected to take approximately 6 months to complete. Weather and other delays may alter the construction timeline. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Date Activity 
Late Spring 2023 Project design and permitting complete 
Fall 2023 Construction begins 
Spring 2024 Construction completed 

Project Map


Established as a city park in 1964, the 39-acres at Biltmore Hills Park includes a recently renovated community center, a paved walking trail, playground, tennis and basketball courts, baseball fields, and a public swimming pool. Biltmore Hills Park sits in the Biltmore Hills neighborhood upstream from Rochester Heights. Both have historic value as the first Black planned developments in Raleigh.  

Currently, stormwater runoff generated from the hard surfaces on-site drains into a stream along the western border of the park, locally known as Rochester Heights Creek. Rochester Heights Creek then flows north into Walnut Creek and the surrounding wetlands. During heavy rain events, flows from the park into the creek can contribute to streambank erosion, sedimentation, and even flooding of residences near Rochester Heights Creek. This impacts aquatic wildlife, water quality, and residents’ health and finances when homes are flooded.