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Inclusion and Medical Support

Specialized Recreation and Inclusion Services

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources provides support to participants with disabilities and/or medical conditions who request a program modification. Participants who indicate a disability and/or medical condition and request accommodation will be contacted by Inclusion Services. Those who share disability and/or medical information and do not request accommodation will not be contacted by Inclusion Services.

Individual support plans are designed based upon the participant’s specific condition and the program(s) they register for. Additional forms, interviews and/or communication are required.  Support plans do not exempt participants from following City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources policies, but can provide modifications to support them in doing so. Please refer to the PRCR Participant Policies for more information.

Examples of supports/services available may include, but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive/supportive materials
  • Additional trained staff for the program
  • Alternative print materials
  • Individualized emergency plans
  • Modifications to environment and activities
  • Specialized training for program/site staff

Participants who require a higher level of support than available may wish to bring their own Personal Assistant to the program, at no additional cost. Additional paperwork is required of the Personal Assistant.

Requesting Services

  • To ensure your place in the program, always register for the program of choice FIRST.
  • Select “yes” to an ADA accommodation at the time of registration (either online or hard-copy registration forms).  Inclusion Services staff will follow-up with you directly.
  • Contact Inclusion Services directly at 919-996-2147 or via email at

The accommodation/support request should be received at least two weeks prior to the start date of the program, so we can ensure appropriate supports are available. Medical support requests may take an extended time for physician signatures, specialized training, etc., so we suggest more advanced notice.

Required Forms for all Requests

Required Forms for non-medical support requests

Required Forms for medical support requests 

While every effort is made to meet the requests, there are situations in which programs may be determined as not the best fit for an individual’s needs.  In these situations, we will work with the participant/family/staff to recommend other program opportunities.

For more information contact Specialized Recreation and Inclusion Services at 919-996-2147.

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