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Neuse River Park

Master Plan

Funding has been allocated for community engagement, Master Plan development, design, and construction at the Neuse River Park through the 2022 Parks Bond Referendum. Raleigh Parks is excited to work with the community to create a Master Plan that reflects the unique needs and desires of local residents. Project Kickoff is scheduled for September 2023.

Neuse River Park is an 84-acre site located at 12028 Falls of Neuse Road. The park is adjacent to the Neuse River Greenway and the Falls Dam Blueway Access. Raleigh Parks welcomes your input and looks forward to collaborating with you on this exciting project!

To learn more and get involved, visit the Neuse River Park Planning Process website.

Visit the website for more information.
Project Timeline: 2023-2029

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Project Lead:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department


Current Phase: Planning
Timeline: 2023-2024

Raleigh Parks is currently conducting a Situation Assessment for Neuse River Park. A Situation Assessment is an analysis of the local context around a project, to help staff determine the best way to effectively engage the community in a collaborative process. Situation Assessments are used as an opportunity to identify key stakeholders and any issues or opportunities that are important to the community that will be affected by the planning process. Situation Assessments can be an opportunity to study the historical and cultural context of a particular project or community and to proactively identify and address any issues that may be contentious during the planning process. 

The Situation Assessment also identifies the Community Advisory Group (CAG), which is a membership-specific committee that provides oversight of the project planning process and ensures that decisions include a broad representation of the community and stakeholders impacted by the project. CAG members help facilitate information sharing between the community and planning staff.

Raleigh Parks presented the draft Situation Assessment to the Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board (PRGAB) in July 2023.  In September & October, the Parks Committee will review the Draft Situation Assessment and CAG applications. The Parks Committee will determine a proposed CAG Roster, which they will recommend to the full Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board for approval at the Board’s meeting on October 19.

Neuse River Park & Kyle Drive Park – July Parks Board Presentation
Neuse River Park Situation Assessment (Draft)

To learn more and get involved, visit the Neuse River Park Planning Process website.

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