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Crabtree Creek Trail Improvements at Lassiter Mill Road

Strengthening greenway connections

This project will improve a section of the Crabtree Creek greenway trail corridor between Hartford Street and Lassiter Mill Road. The project includes enhancements to the currently unpaved trail section and stream bank just west of Lassiter Mill Road; removal of the timber boardwalk and steps along Hartford Street and improvements along the Lassiter Mill Road vehicular bridge.

These improvements will help strengthen the cross-city connection of the Crabtree Creek Corridor. Cross-city Greenway Trails are identified as main routes of the Capital Area Greenway System, providing connections throughout the city and to neighboring jurisdictions. To the east, Crabtree Creek connects to the Neuse River Trail, Knightdale, Wake Forest, and Johnson County. To the west, it connects to Mine Creek Trail and Umstead State Park, with the completion of the Crabtree Creek West project. 

Project Details

Greenways and Trails
Prime Consultant: The John McAdams Group (Design, Permitting, Construction Administration) Sub-Consultants: Kimley-Horn & Associates and Falcon Engineering
Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources




The Crabtree Creek Trail Improvements at Lassiter Mill Road project is being conducted in three phases. The first phase included a survey, flood study, public engagement process, and alternative analysis. This phase was completed in the Summer of 2019.  Public involvement meetings were held from March through April 2019. The project is currently in the second phase which includes the design and permitting. This is anticipated to be completed in Early 2022. The third phase will include the construction which is estimated to be completed in Late 2023.


The consultant design team has completed a 90% version of construction documents for proposed improvements along Hertford Street and Lassiter Mill Road bridge over Crabtree Creek. The next steps include the completion of an Aquatic Species Survey for rare aquatic species located within the project area and final submittal for permit approvals from the City, North Carolina Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Quality.  Once the final construction plans and permits have been approved, the project will be publicly bid for construction.


The third phase of this project includes construction administration (CA), construction engineering & inspections (CEI) and construction material testing (CMT). Estimated construction completion is anticipated for summer 2021. 


Phase details coming soon.


The City’s 2014 Parks Bond Referendum includes funding for design and construction of the Crabtree Creek Trail Improvements at Lassiter Mill Road.


Date Activity
December 2020 Open House Presentation and Public Survey
Spring 2023 Design, Permitting, Acquisition Completed
Spring 2023 NCDOT Construction Authorization
Summer 2023 Advertise for Construction
Fall 2023 Estimated Construction Start
Fall 2024 Estimated Construction Completion

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