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City Owned Parking Decks and Lots Information

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Regular Rates

City Owned Parking Deck Rates:

  • $1.00/hour, first two hours;
  • $2/hour after two hours to daily maximum;
  • Daily maximum: $14;
  • Special event parking: $10; and,
  • Lost ticket charge: $25.

Three parking decks, the Performing Arts deck and the Convention Center/ Charter Square underground decks are $3 per hour, up to a daily maximum of $15.

Parking in some locations of City Owned Parking Decks may be restricted to a 3-hour time limit. These spaces are typically located in the lower levels and are for those customers with shorter stays. All monthly account holders are restricted from utilizing these time limited spaces.

Parking Deck Enhancements

  • Project is currently underway to replace all existing deck entrance and exit equipment. This project will modernize all the City’s current parking decks, and create a smoother more convenient user experience.
  • Several enhancement projects are underway to provide better lighting, signage, cleanliness, and more security surveillance at City-owned parking decks.

We will continue to update our Raleigh Parking page with new information for both on-street and off-street parking.

The Car Park

The City currently contracts with the Car Park to manage all the day to day operations of the City’s Parking Decks and Lots. Should you have any questions about monthly accounts, issues in the Decks, or any operational related questions please contact The Car Park Directly at:

The Car Park
421 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Temporary Small Business Parking Relief Program

This program was created to provide temporary parking relief for restaurants, retailers and personal services businesses in downtown by offering a limited number of parking passes at several downtown parking garages. This program began in January of 2021 and is guided by City Council.

Applicants must be owners or an authorized management representative of a storefront restaurant, retailer or personal services business with less than 49 employees and will need to complete an application which includes the business’s EIN and other identifying information. The program has a limited number of spaces available and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

  • Program Hours: 24/7 access
  • Rate: Free
  • Garages where available: Wilmington Street Station, Moore Square, Municipal Complex, City Center/ Red Hat, Convention Center Underground.
  • Limit of 10 passes per business

To sign up for the program or learn more about the application process contact The Car Park at NCinfo@thecarpark.com or by phone at 919-833-7522.

Downtown Evening Employee Parking Program

This program was put in place to accommodate the needs of Downtown evening employees by offering a lower cost option for evening parking at several downtown parking garages.

Applicants will need to show proof of downtown evening employment in the form of a schedule or paystub. Attempted access to parking decks outside of the program hours will result in the access card being disabled and repeated misuse can result in cancellation of account.

  • Program Hours: 3pm - 6am,  Monday - Sunday
  • Rate: $20/month
  • Garages where available: Wilmington Street Station, Moore Square, Municipal Complex, and City Center/ Red Hat.

To sign up for the program, contact The Car Park at 919-833-7522.

Hours and Rates

Below is a list of the City of Raleigh owned parking decks and locations.

Blount Street Parking Deck
314 Blount Street

Cabarrus Parking Deck
436 S. Salisbury Street

City Center/ Red Hat Parking Decks
429 S. Wilmington Street

Convention Center/ Charter Square Underground Decks
1 W. Lenoir Street

Moore Square Parking Deck
233 S. Wilmington Street

Municipal Complex Parking Deck
201 W. Morgan Street

Performing Arts Parking Deck
128 W. South Street

Wilmington Street Station Parking Deck
117 S. Wilmington Street

$5 After 5 Program

The $5 After 5 program has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Special Event Parking

Current rate for special event parking is $10.

Q. How do you define a "Special Event"?
. A Special Event is defined as a large downtown activity which generates 10,000 or more attendees. These typically involve most, if not all, of the City of Raleigh parking decks.

Motorcycles in Parking Decks information

Why Motorcycles Are Not Allowed to Use Parking Decks

Parking decks are controlled by a sophisticated vehicle access and revenue control system to manage the inventory of available parking spaces and to ensure the deck does not reach an over-capacity limit which would create liability and personal safety concerns.

Motorcycles in Parking Decks Information

Additional Lot Information

Lots Days Evenings Weekends Monthly
Auditorium Lot A

1/hr, $8/max.
$10 Event Parking                                           

$7 $7 N/A
Auditorium Lot B

1/hr, $8/max.
$10 Event Parking                       

$7 $7 N/A
City Market 1/hr, $8/max. $5 $5 $80
E. Hargett & E. Martin St. Lots                                               $60
Anderson $10 Event Parking     $75
Lot F2 (818 S Salisbury Street) 1st 3hrs. $3, after 3 hrs. $1/hr., $10/max. $10 $10 N/A


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