Motorcycles in Parking Decks Information

*Why Motorcycles Are Not Allowed to Use Parking Decks:
Parking decks are controlled by a sophisticated vehicle access and revenue control system to manage the inventory of available parking spaces and to ensure the deck does not reach an over-capacity limit which would create liability and personal safety concerns. The system is designed only for standard cars and pickups and the “vehicle mass” sensors in the floor allow only one vehicle to pass between the time the gate automatically raises and lowers in order to maintain counts of the number of vehicles entering and exiting.  Because motorcycles do not have sufficient “mass” to keep the gate arm up after driving over a sensor, they are in danger of the gate coming down too soon which could cause injury to the rider and/or damage to the motorcycle. Gate arms in City of Raleigh decks display a warning that motorcycles are not allowed to park in the facilities.  Most public decks throughout the country do not permit motorcycles. The City of Raleigh apologizes for any inconvenience but we must ensure the safety of all parking deck customers.  

Motorcyclists are encouraged to use the City’s ParkLink public parking lots where payment is made at the pay station.  Only one motorcycle per parking space is permitted. To locate the nearest parking lot to your final destination, view the Downtown Parking Facility Map.

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