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Includes Water Leaks and Swimming Pools

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What is normal usage? Accessible or Non-accessible: Examples. How do adjustments work? Adjustments are not available when. How to apply for an adjustment.

Adjustments are courtesy financial relief to water or wastewater usage charges on a customer’s utility bill caused by a leak on the

customer’s side of the meter or increased usage due to filling of a customer’s pool.

What is normal usage?

Raleigh Water bills usage in CCFs (one hundred cubic feet).  A CCF is 748 gallons.  Usage can vary greatly depending on the number of people in a household and their daily habits.  Visit and search ‘water usage calculator’ to determine your household’s expected monthly average usage.

Accessible or Non-accessible: Examples.

  • Accessible leaks: these types of leaks usually can be seen or heard. Examples include available water pipes, hoses, toilets, faucets, hose bibs, etc.
  • Non-accessible leaks: these types of leaks usually cannot be seen or heard. Examples include underground lines, pipes within walls, water heaters, etc.

How do adjustments work?

  • If you experience a higher than usual water bill that may be related to a leak, you are encouraged to contact a licensed professional plumber or contractor (at your own cost) to locate and repair the leak and provide documentation of repair.
  • To be eligible for an adjustment, your water usage must exceed your monthly average by at least two times.
  • If the leak is accessible, the water consumption charges will be adjusted to double the monthly average.  There will be no adjustment to the wastewater consumption charges.
  • If the leak is non-accessible, the water and wastewater consumption charges will be adjusted to double the monthly average.
  • If the leak is from water being stolen from a hose bib, the wastewater charges will be adjusted to double the monthly average.  There will be no adjustment to the water consumption charges.  A police report must be provided.
  • Swimming pools that are filled one time between the months of March and October may receive an adjustment of their wastewater consumption back to their monthly average.
  • Base, watershed and infrastructure replacement fees will never be adjusted for a leak.
  • You may only receive one leak adjustment per a twelve-month period including a swimming pool adjustment.

Adjustments are not available when.

  • Excessive usage is from watering of sod, gardening, washing vehicles, etc.
  • Leak was caused by a third party whom the customer can recover costs or is covered by insurance.
  • The water meter has been tampered with.

How to apply for an adjustment.

  • Have a plumber’s receipt or other proof of repair
  • Complete this online form.
  • Send form and repair receipt to:
    • Email Customer Care.
    • Fax:  919-996-1813
    • Mail:  City of Raleigh, Customer Care & Billing, PO Box 590, Raleigh, NC 27602
    • In person:  City of Raleigh Municipal Building, Utilities Payments Counter, 222 W. Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601
  • Once request has been received by the Customer Care & Billing Division, a determination will be made within 7-10 business days, and you will be notified if an adjustment will be made (notification will be provided to contact on utility account)
  • While your request is being reviewed, you are responsible for payment of the entire due amount on your utility account by the due date.  If you need more time, visit, and search ‘payment plans.’



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