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The City of Raleigh has 117 miles of greenway trails. In order to maintain high-quality greenway trails for our citizens, the system needs regular maintenance and care. That care sometimes results in closures and/or detours. The below sections provide an up-to-date picture of where repairs, detours, and closures are happening on the greenway to provide you with the best greenway trail experience possible. 

It is important for citizens to be able to use the greenways for recreation, commuting, exercise, and play. The City of Raleigh staff works hard to keep greenways safe and open. 

Did you know?

Greenway corridors protect environmentally sensitive areas that can be prone to flooding. To provide public access to nature, greenway trails are planned in these corridors where appropriate. Keeping this in mind, flooding can occur unexpectedly on the trail.

If you see something needing repair or maintenance, please contact the greenway maintenance staff at 919-996-4115 or by email or report it on SeeClickFix.

Greenway Closures Interactive Map

Closure Map:

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Greenways Status Alerts

Status Codes

  • Code Red Indicates Greenway Closure
  • Code Yellow Indicates Greenway Detour
  • Code Green Indicates Greenway Open
Code Yellow

Walnut Creek Trail Closure between Mile Marker 8.25 and 8.75

The section of the Walnut Creek Trail, between S. Wilmington Street and Fayetteville Street, is currently closed to allow the completion of the Rocky Branch Interceptor Replacement Project. This project consists of the replacement of an existing sewer pipe that is undersized for wet weather events. The project area is located between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Fayetteville Street and parallels the Rocky Branch greenway south of downtown Raleigh. For more information on this project, please visit the project website.

The trail closure is anticipated to last through June 2023. During this time, a detour route is available on Fayetteville Street, south from Water Works St to S. Wilmington Street and north to the Walnut Creek Trail intersection at Keeter Center Drive.

This map shows the closure area and detour route. Contact Matthew Cotton, PE, Senior Project Administrator, if you have any questions at 919-996-3528

Places Affected

Code Yellow

Walnut Creek Trail Closure with Detour

Between Avent Ferry Rd. and Capability Dr.

A short section of the Walnut Creek Trail, between Avent Ferry Rd and Capability Dr, is closed to accommodate the construction of the Lake Shore Raleigh condominium development. A detour route is in place during this closure. Please follow on-site detour signage to navigate around this temporary closure. For more information about the Lake Shore Raleigh condominium development, please visit the Lake Shore Raleigh website.

Places Affected

Code Yellow

Crabtree Creek Trail Alert at Access and Parking Lot at 4000 Lindsay Drive, Mile Marker 14.5

The temporary trail access point located at 4000 Lindsay Drive is open. For the safety of trail users, there may be additional closures of this access point during the construction of the Crabtree Creek West project. During these closures, please use the next closest available access, located at 4330 Galax DriveView Map. Trail users are required to dismount from bicycles and use caution when passing other trail users along the temporary access.

Projects Affected

Code Yellow

Walnut Creek Trail Closure with Detour between Mile Markers 3¼ and 6½

Sections of the Walnut Creek Trail between Rock Quarry Road and I-440 are scheduled to be closed through August 2023, due to the Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project.  A detour (4 miles) is available utilizing Britch Ridge Drive, Poole Road, Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Raleigh Boulevard.  Please note that this is a sidewalk only detour. The map can be found here.

If you have any questions contact Edward Stempien, PE  Senior Project Administrator or call919-996-3490

Places Affected

Code Yellow

Neuse River Trail Closure with Detour between Mile Markers 15 ¼ and 17 ¼

A section of the Neuse River Trail between just south of Milburnie Park and Anderson Point Park will be closed starting November 28, 2022, through early 2024 due to the West Neuse Sewer Interceptor Project.  A sidewalk detour is available, however, the detour is approximately 2.6 miles in length and reconnects at Anderson Point Park and at the greenway parking lot located at 5428 Allen Drive, near the Milburnie dam. Allen Drive and Raleigh Beach Road are low-volume traffic roads but please use extra care when using them.  Sidewalks are available along N. Rogers Lane, Neuse View Place and Anderson Point Drive.  Additionally, an at-grade crossing is required to be made across New Bern Avenue.  For more information on the sewer project, please visit the project website.

If you have any questions contact Janeen Goodwin, PE  Senior Project Administrator or call 919-996-3494

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Places Affected

Projects Affected



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