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Current and Upcoming Budget Fiscal Year 2024 Budget and CIP Highlights Past Budgets & Documents

Current and Upcoming Budget

Budgeting for FY2025, the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024, is underway! Read more about it and where we are in the process.

Our current budget for FY2024 runs through June 30, 2024. Check out links below to learn more about it. You'll find information on our compensation and HR policies, download the Operating and CIP budget, review council meetings associated with the budget and review highlights.

Fiscal Year 2024 Budget and CIP Highlights

  • Includes the full year costs of a two-percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all full-time employees in the department. 
  • Moves Police and Fire pay range minimums to the average of Wake County municipalities plus six percent, with pay range maximums increasing accordingly. Emergency Communications’ pay ranges are also adjusted based on market conditions, increasing two ranges in the General Pay Structure.
  • Moves the General Pay Structure, Police Pay Structure, and Fire Pay Structure merit increases to five percent for those below the midpoint and three percent for those at the midpoint and higher.
  • Funds an increase in the Temporary Pay Plan from a minimum of $8.25 to $11 an hour for temporary employees to ensure the City is competitive in the market and continues to provide the critical services our community expects.
  • Includes a new permanent part-time classification to increase the stability of service delivery, improve recruitment of key positions, and maintain programming and services.
  • Funding for a contractual position in Communications to support the ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement of the website and other critical communication channels.
  • Funding for a mobile Community Engagement bus that will allow staff to meet our community where they are available and continuing to advance City Council’s commitment to reaching those that are traditionally underserved and underrepresented in our city.
  • Consulting services for the Department of Equity and Inclusion that will provide capacity building, training and facilitation development, and additional support to address inclusion and bias at the department levels throughout the organization.
  • Funding for a new position in Housing and Neighborhoods that will continue to support the implementation of the 2020 voter approved Affordable Housing Bond.
  • Funding for the addition of one Staff Psychologist for the Raleigh Fire Department.
  • Capital investments in affordable housing, street resurfacing and parks maintenance; with each of these areas having $7.8 million dedicated through a penny. This represents a $117,000,000 commitment to these three areas over the next five years.

Past Budgets & Documents

You can view several years' worth of past annual budget, capital improvement program plans and annual reports in our budget documents archive

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