Landlord Utility Billing Program

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The City of Raleigh's Landlord Program is a billing option specifically for landlords, management companies, apartment complexes, and rental agencies to provide continuous utility services at their properties.  It will automatically default all City of Raleigh utility services to your account when the tenant stops his/her utility account.  Many landlords find this helpful for showing, cleaning or making repairs to their properties between tenants.

Program Advantages

  • NO wait time for service restoration
  • NO additional costs or fees for this program
  • IMMEDIATE service availability for new tenants
  • $50 New Service Fee is waived for landlords

How It Works

  1. Landlord completes and submits the Landlord Program Utilities Authorization online form listing up to 10 properties at a time.  For more than 10 properties, complete and submit additional forms.
  2. When a tenant contacts Customer Care and Billing to close their utility account at an enrolled address, a field technician is dispatched to obtain a meter reading for final billing on the tenant's account.
  3. The landlord's account then becomes active, with no disruption of services.

    The landlord's account will remain active, and the landlord will be responsible for all services and charges, up until the time that a new tenant establishes service on their own account with Customer Care and Billing.
  4. When a new tenant contacts Customer Care and Billing to open an account at the enrolled address, a field technician is dispatched to obtain a meter reading for final billing on the landlord's account.
  5. A new account becomes active in the new tenant's name, with no disruption of services.

Note: Notification of change in tenants must be timely communicated to Customer Care and Billing to ensure proper billing.

Allow up to 10 business days for Authorization Form Processing

Most Landlord Authorization Forms are processed and enrolled properties are updated within 2 - 3 business days following receipt of the forms.

If your Authorization Form covers several properties or if we contact you for additional information, please allow up to 10 business days.

Sale of Property

Landlord must contact Customer Care and Billing prior to the sale date of any property that is enrolled in the Landlord Program.  This notification is necessary to properly terminate the program and perform any relevant utility service activities at the property.  If notification is not given to Customer Care and Billing, the Landlord will be charged up and until the time of notification.

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