Instructor and student in painting class at Sertoma Arts Center

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Artist Series

People sit at a table facing a projector

Selling Your Work

Presentations By: Laura Casas, Joan Walsh, Kent Ohlman, and Andy McKenzie. Sarah Ann Austin providing photography.
Ages: 16+ years old        
Fee: $10 resident/ $25 non-resident
Date & Time: Saturday, May 21, 1:00-4:00pm
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Does your family love your work but not have any more room for it? Have you given all the people you like work, and now have moved on to giving your work to people you only tolerate? Want to help fund your addictions to making? Want to sell your work but have no idea how to value it? Terrified of setting up a home studio? Well, we are here to help! Presentations by Sertoma and Pullen artists on marketing and selling your work online and in-person shows, how to photograph your work, and how to set up a home studio. Sarah Ann Austin will provide a professional photograph of one piece of each registrant’s artwork (no more than 15 inches all around).


Whimsical Watercolor Cottagecore

Instructor: Lauren Blackwell
Ages: 11-15 years old        
Fee: $30 resident/ $45 non-resident
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 8, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
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Magical mushrooms houses, garden gnomes, forest fairies and more – this class is all about using drawing and watercolor techniques to create beautiful, magical outdoor scenes and creatures! Supplies included.

Two teens work to hand build pottery pieces with their instructor

Pottery – Flowers and Flower Pots

Instructor: Lynn Kurisko
Ages: 9-15 years old        
Fee: $75 resident/ $90 non-resident
Date & Time: Mondays, June 6 – June 27, 4:00 to 5:45 p.m.
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Using nature and imagination as a guide, children in this pottery class will be able to play while they create a spring flower pot with flowers. Supplies included. Pieces will be ready for pick up 2 weeks after the last class.

Pottery – Sun Shaped Candle Holders

Instructor: Ashley Bonner
Ages: 12-15 years old        
Fee: $45 resident/ $60 non-resident
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 7 – June 14, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
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Celebrate the return of summer by creating a sun shaped candle holder! During the first class, teens will use basic handbuilding techniques to create their candle holders. During the second class, teens will be decorating their creations with vibrant glazes. Supplies included. Pieces will be ready for pick up 2 weeks after the last class.


woman sewing floral fabric

Beginning Sewing: Zippered Pillow

Instructor: Joy Kelley
Ages: 18+ years old        
Fee: $120 resident/ $135 non-resident
Date & Time: Tuesdays, May 31, 10:00am to 12:00 p.m.
Register for Zippered Pillows

Register for this class and together we will create your own special pillow with a zippered closure! You will also learn how to make a pillow insert, which will enable you to create your own custom sized pillow. You will learn the basics of operating a sewing machine and develop the fundamental sewing skills necessary for progressing to more advanced projects. No prior sewing experience is necessary. We will be using Sertoma’s sewing machines. The supply list is available on Sertoma’s webpage and your receipt. A $13 supply fee for pillow form materials and interfacing is due to instructor and the beginning of class.

Sewing Machine Basics

Instructor: Joy Kelley
Ages: 18+ years old        
Fee: $36 resident/ $51 non-resident
Date & Time: Saturday, June 4, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
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Sewing machines are wonderful tools, but they are also complex and can be intimidating for beginners. This hands-on class offers a fun and supportive environment where beginners will gain the confidence to set up and use a sewing machine. We will cover machine set-up, operation, accessories, safety, and basic maintenance. We will also address you particular sewing goals and offer advice on sewing machines and supplies to consider as you progress. A supply fee of $7 is paid to the instructor at start of workshop. Note: This class does not cover computerized or embroidery machines. We will be using Sertoma’s machines.

Mixed Media

Bunches of different plants lay on a table as someone lays them on a sheet in a book

Cyanotype Photography & Handmade Books Workshop

Instructor: Sarah Ann Austin
Ages: 14+ years         
Fee: $135 resident/ $150 non-resident
Date & Time: Saturday & Sundays, June 4 – June 12, 10:00a.m to 1:00 p.m.
Register for Cyanotype Photography & Handmade Books

Discover the Art of one of the original forms of Photography, Cyanotype. Anna Atkins created the first photographic book in 1842 made entirely of botanical Cyanotypes. Learn how to mix photosensitive emulsion, coat your own paper, and make one-of-a-kind prints with objects and plant life from around the Arts Center and from your own garden or home. The final outcome will be a handmade book structure of your cyanotype prints. Instructor will supply their handmade paper to cover your books with and even to make a print on if you choose. No previous Photographic or book making experience necessary. Supplies included.