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Use this process to add public art to Raleigh!

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Request Process & Approval Timeline Submitting a Proposal

Image Above: Light the Woods with Sound, 2018, Nate Sheaffer, interactive temporary public art installation at Dorothea Dix Park

Have a self-funded, community-funded, grant-funded, or sponsored public art project located on City-owned property but don't see your idea in the Public Art Project toolkits? You can still submit your project by following the instructions below! 

Request Process & Approval Timeline

StepDescriptionTime Period

You will need to provide the following on the request form:

  • Your contact information
  • The name of the artist creating the artwork *
  • Samples of previous artwork and a written or visual proposal
  • A proposed location if you have one *
  • A proposed project timeline
  • A summary of the project
  • The estimated project cost and its funding sources
  • A list of project partners, if any
  • The level of City involvement needed (help with finding a location, artist selection, permitting, etc.)
  • Acknowledgment that you have read the Community-Initiated Public Art Projects Policy


* If you don't have a location or artist selected, please email Jenn Hales at for guidance.

Download request form

Request your project today!

Your project with go through a two-step review process:

  1. The Arts, Education, and Collections Committee (AEC) will review your project and either approve, deny, or approve with a request for changes. This committee meets the first Thursday of each month.
  2. After approval from AEC, the City of Raleigh Arts Commission (CORAC) will review your project and either approve, deny, or approve with a request for changes. The commission meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Once approved, Raleigh Arts Staff will notify you. Please email Jenn Hales at with questions about your project's review progress.

1 - 3 months, not including permitting process
Permitting & Permissions

Raleigh Arts can help guide you through the permitting process. Some projects may require the following:

Raleigh Arts can help you work with the location's City staff (like park managers) to ensure they understand the upcoming project.

Please email Jenn Hales at with questions about permits.

Up to an additional 3 months, depending on the permit required
  • Please email Jenn Hales at at least 2 weeks in advance with your installation date 
  • Artwork must include the artist's credit. Crediting guidelines for temporary art in public spaces include:
    • Hashtags and artist signatures are allowed
    • No more than two hashtags are allowed
    • No logos are allowed
    • Hashtags and artist signatures should be sized so they are less than or equal to 2% of the painting surface. For smaller artworks, the artist can choose to use up to 2” x 24” instead to retain legibility. The artist has the digression to make the hashtag/signature smaller if they choose
  • Provide photographs and social media details to Jenn Hales so Raleigh Arts can celebrate and promote the project
After the project is approved and permits are secured, choose the installation date.


Submitting a Proposal

Follow the steps below to submit a proposal for a public art project on City property (parks, sidewalks, community centers, etc.)

  1. Review the above information and gather all necessary materials, including how the project will be funded.  This type of project does not include funding from Raleigh Arts. Check out other funding opportunities.
  2. Confirm all streets in the intersection are owned by the City using the Powell Map, which marks City-owned streets in blue.
  3. Talk with any stakeholders if needed (nearby businesses, property owners, etc.)
  4. Email a request form several months before your proposed completion date to Jenn Hales at



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