Participants from Quest and artist Robyn Scott stand next to a newly completed sewer up mural that features purple flowers on a green background

New Mural on Shelley Lake Greenway Trail

A collaboration between Quest, Raleigh Arts, and Raleigh Water

There's a new, creative addition to the greenway trail at Shelley Lake! 

In early December, artist Robyn Scott led a sewer-up mural project with Quest, a City of Raleigh day program for adults with disabilities. Fifteen participants showed off their artistic talents by painting a series of coneflowers and daisies as part of Scott's mural design. The painting is the third mural completed to improve the appearance of sewer-ups along the trail.

This project is a collaboration between Raleigh Arts and Raleigh Water and showcases Shelley Lake Park as an arts destination while highlighting the importance of well maintained sewers, which protect the environment so our aquatic friends have a great place to live and thrive.  You can help protect the environment by keeping wipes and grease out of the sewer system, as these materials cause backups and sewer spills. 

In addition to the 2 miles of paved, scenic greenway trail, the park is home to Sertoma Arts Center, which hosts various arts classes and workshops and has three gallery spaces.

Are you interested in adding art to sewer risers?

Raleigh Arts can help you add art to your community, including on sewer risers, by guiding artists and community members looking to hire artists through the City of Raleigh permitting process.

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About the Artist | Robyn Scott

Scott is originally from California, studying art at the University of California in Irvine and earning an MA in Fine Arts from the Winchester School of Art in the UK. A frequent visitor to Eastern North Carolina as a child, it became her adopted home in 2015. She is a former elementary and middle school art teacher and practices art in various media, including paint, pen and ink, fibers, and mixed media. 

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