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A Virtual Exhibition by Raleigh Arts

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Mayanthi Jayawardena Matthew Steele Tina Marcus Blue Cactus Alberto Ortega Austin Bagwell Joshua Steadman Robyn Scott Lakeshia T. Reid Joyce Watkins King Amy Flynn Geddes Levenson Clarence Heyward Stacy Crabill King Godwin Jeana Eve Klein Ginger Wagg Rachel Campbell

Raleigh Arts asked how artists were staying creative during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. With over 150 submissions, we received stories ranging from trying new recipes, new directions in their usual art practice, and using art as a release during this stressful time. Respondents were not only creative with their time, but also with their spaces that are now being used for school, work, and studio time. Each of these endeavors is a tangible way they’ve found to enrich their daily practice.

We chose a select few from the submissions to share with you to reinforce that we are all in this together. 18 artists will be featured in 3 rounds.

A grid of artwork by the artists chosen for round 3 of the Creative Quarantine virtual exhibition. Mayanthi Jayawardena, Matthew Steele, Tina Marcus, Blue Cactus, Alberto Ortego, and Austin Bagwell.

Round 3  |  Featured June 30 through July 3

Mayanthi Jayawardena

Two lungs colorfully illustrated by artist Mayanthi Jayawardena

Mayanthi Jayawardena is a freelance digital illustrator, photographer and videographer. Her creative style integrates jewel tones, bold colors, curves, and intricate designs.

View Mayanthi Jayawardena's work and statement

Matthew Steele

Matthew Steele working on a ladder in a yard with a dog

Matthew Steele is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. Often utilizing the aesthetic of function and industry, Steele draws parallels from the made-made and human technologies of the self.

View Matthew Steele's work and statement

Tina Marcus

Mixed media artwork titled A Wrinkle in Time by artist Tina Marcus

Tina Marcus’ mixed-media assemblages are her versions of selfies— outcomes of deeply rooted and personal defining moments; documenting historical, spiritual, ordinary, and mundane conditions and circumstances.

View Tina Marcus' work and statement

Blue Cactus

A computer and two speakers in Blue Cactus' home studio

Americana/Indie-Country duo Blue Cactus supplements their twang with soaring, space-rock-inspired guitars, while rich harmonies keep their tunes grounded in traditional American Roots.

View Blue Cactus' work and statements

Alberto Ortega

A work in progress painting of a white house with white fence at night

As an immigrant to the United States, Alberto Ortega is intrigued by American suburban life as depicted in film, literature, and visual art. Through the images he creates of American man-made environments, he seeks to portray society and some of its contradictions.

View Alberto Oretaga's work and statement

Austin Bagwell

A sidewalk chalk drawing of the Disney dog character, Tramp, and the words "Happy Birthday"

Austin Bagwell and his wife Katie specialize in hand-lettered wedding and event signage in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding Triangle area.

View Austin Bagwell's work and statement

a grid of stills and artwork from Joshua Steadman, Robyn Scott, Lakeshia Reid, Joyce Watkins King, Amy Flynn, and Geddes Levenson.

Round 2  |  Featured May 18 through May 23

Joshua Steadman

A drone still of a man dumping water on a child's head while sitting on steps

From an early age, director and photographer Joshua Steadman realized that images are a chemical reaction changing time into a substance that is quantifying, interpreting, and, above all, communicating. In his work, he tries to bring that same transformative energy.

View Joshua Steadman's work and statement

Robyn Scott

A drawing entitled Lab Rat in REM by artist Robyn Scott

Robyn Scott is an artist in Raleigh whose drawings are created using Prismacolor markers and India ink, celebrating the historic structures of the Southeast.

View Robyn Scott's work and statement

Lakeshia T. Reid

A painting on an easel in progress by Lakeshia Reed

Lakeshia T. Reid is an artist and designer in Raleigh. Her work challenges perceptions of self with multiple layers of texture, color, and pattern. She is inspired by her surroundings, particularly people, and the ways they express their identity.

View Lakeshia T. Reid's work and statement

Joyce Watkins King

Three facemasks made from brightly, patterned fabric and elastic.

As a lifelong artist and designer, Joyce Watkins King has worked in many media, but the call of textiles always prevails. She strives to re-use thread, fabric, and findings in her work whenever possible, in opposition to the escalating trend of consuming too much cheap fast fashion.

View Joyce Watkin King's work and statement

Amy Flynn

Small sculptures made from found objects by artist Amy Flynn

Combing flea markets, auctions, antique malls, and the internet for cool, vintage junk, Amy Flynn solders and bolts her finds together to create Fobots (Found Object Robots). They are not functional, they are not toys, and they will not go on a rampage while you sleep.

View Amy Flynn's work and statement

Geddes Levenson

A painting of a sleeping creature surrounded by flowers

Geddes Levenson is a multi-media artist in Raleigh. For the past 10 years, she has been collaborating with Annie Blazejack while they experiment with painting as a way to conjure up impossible places.

View Geddes Levenson's work and statement

A grid of 6 artworks by Clarence Heyward, Stacy Crabill, King Godwin, Jeana Eve Klein, Ginger Wagg, and Rachel Campbell.

Round 1  |  Featured April 29 through May 6

Clarence Heyward

Artwork by Clarence Heyward, painting of two girls

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Clarence Heyward is a painter and collagist.  He relocated to North Carolina to study Art Education at North Carolina Central University. His work investigates cultural truths, challenges stereotypes and questions identity.

View Clarence Heyward's work and statement

Stacy Crabill

Artwork by Stacy Crabill, "Soft Serve"

A Dallas, Texas native, Stacy Crabill moved east at a young age and claimed North Carolina as her home. With a love of the outdoors as well as the arts, her diverse interests are reflected in the varied subjects and themes of her art.

View Stacy Crabill's work and statement

King Godwin

King Godwin artwork entitled "The virus is having a scary day because it smells bad"

King was born in Raleigh, N.C. and was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 and a half years old. He attended the Special Education program of Wake County School Systems and the Beyond Academics Program at UNC Greensboro. King became a painter in 2013.

View King Godwin's work and statement

Jeana Eve Klein

Mask tie weave by Jeana Eve Klein

Jeana Eve Klein is an Associate Professor of Fibers at Appalachian State University. Her recent studio practice has combined the broad theme of value: how society assigns value (or worthlessness) to objects, and how the art world assigns value to art, craft, and design.

View Jeana Eve Klein's work and statement

Ginger Wagg

photograph of scrunched gold paper, "A Golden Dump" by Ginger Wagg

Ginger Wagg is the Director of Wild Actions (WA), a movement-based investigative ensemble, focused on multidisciplinary performance. WA formed in 2016 to more fully represent and credit all collaborators and their labor, in both creation and performance.

View Ginger Wagg's work and statement

Rachel Campbell

A painting of cherry pie by Rachel Campbell

Rachel Campbell chooses to paint with abstracted realism, making medium-sized colorful oil paintings on canvas. She is a visual storyteller whose paintings are about intriguing, commonplace moments and beauty found in unexpected places.

View Rachel Campbell's work and statement




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