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Lost Ocean
Sam Greene
Lenoir St. and Wilmington St.

Community-Initiated Public Art Projects

Add art to public property through Raleigh Arts!

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Examples of Past Projects Submitting a Request Funding Opportunities

You can add art to your community!

Raleigh Arts can help you add art to your community by guiding artists and residents looking to hire artists through the City of Raleigh permitting process. Read through examples of past projects, the application process, and other requirements before submitting an application.  

Raleigh Arts can help with projects that are:

  • Proposed by anyone that wants to add more public art to Raleigh
  • On City-owned property (City buildings, City parks, sidewalks, parking decks, etc.) *
  • Self funded or funded by an outside source 

Raleigh Arts does not manage public art on state-owned or private property. For public art on private property, use iMAPS to find the property/business owner to work with them directly.

Examples of Past Projects

Below are examples of public art projects that are on City-owned property:

Bus shelter artwork by Ian Wenstrand

Placemaking project titled Floraffiti ®️

Sewer up mural by Morgan cook

Signal box artwork wrap by Cathy Foreman

Sidewalk mural by TJ Mundy

Storm drain mural by Sarahlaine Calva

Wall mural by Taylor White

Submitting a Request

Follow the steps below to submit your Community-Initiated Public Art Project:

  1. Review the Community-Initiated Public Art Projects Policy
  2. Plan how your project will be funded
  3. Use iMAPS to make sure your project is on City property
  4. Talk with any stakeholders if needed (nearby businesses, property owners, etc.)
  5. Email a request form several months before your proposed completion date to Jenn Hales, Public Art Coordinator

Request Process & Approval Timeline

Step Description Time Period

You will need to provide the following on the request form:

  • Your contact information
  • A proposed location if you have one *
  • A proposed project timeline
  • A summary of the project
  • The estimated project cost and its funding sources
  • A list of project partners, if any *
  • The level of City involvement needed (help with finding a location, artist selection, permitting, etc.)
  • Acknowledgment that you have read the Community-Initiated Public Art Projects Policy

* If you don't have a location or artist selected, please contact Jenn Hales for guidance.

Download request form

Request your project today!

Your project with go through a two-step review process:

  1. The Arts, Education, and Collections Committee (AEC) will review your project and either approve, deny, or approve with a request for changes. This committee meets the first Thursday of each month.
  2. After approval from AEC, the City of Raleigh Arts Commission (CORAC) will review your project and either approve, deny, or approve with a request for changes. The commission meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Once approved, Raleigh Arts Staff will notify you. Please reach out to Jenn Hales with questions about your project's review progress.

1 - 3 months, not including permitting process
Permitting & Permissions

Raleigh Arts can help guide you through the permitting process. Some projects may require:

Raleigh Arts can help you work with the location's City staff (like park managers) to ensure they understand the upcoming project.

Up to an additional 2 months depending on the permit required

Tell Raleigh Arts when your start date will be and and help us celebrate and promote the project by providing photographs and all social media details.

After the project is approved, permitted, and you have permission


Funding Opportunities

Raleigh Arts does not offer funding for Community-Initiated Public Art Projects at this time. However, the City and our arts partners offer several funding opportunities related to art in public spaces:

  • Neighborhood Art Funds: Funds of up to $1,000 are available to individuals, groups, or organizations for art projects that enhance neighborhoods. 
  • ArtBeats: Each year Raleigh Arts puts out a call for artists to create sidewalk murals. Raleigh Arts will give selected artists a $300 honorarium and provide up to $100 worth of Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel paint, in colors selected by the artist.
  • SEEK Raleigh: Raleigh Arts puts out a call for artists semi-annually to propose site-specific art installations and/or performance art events that engage the community through public art. Raleigh Arts will fund between $500 and $20,000 depending on the proposed project.
  • Facade Rehabilitation Grant Program: Business owners can qualify for a up to $5,000 or up to $10,000 for exterior improvements like lighting, murals, awnings and art if you are in an Economic Development Priority Area or the University Village District. 
  • Awesome Raleigh Durham: A community effort that is facilitated by VAE Raleigh, Awesome Raleigh Durham grants $1000 in funding each month to support creative ideas that are specific and community-facing.



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