Project Acceptance Requirements

Water and Sewer Installations

General Acceptance occurs when a water and/or sewer project has met City of Raleigh standards and specifications. In Garner, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Wendell and Zebulon, the developer or their representative must contact an appropriate Public Utilities Inspector to schedule any required inspection(s). In Raleigh, the developer or their representative must notify the Development Services Department. Once the project is completed, a project walk-through inspection is scheduled and punch list generated noting any deficient items. Upon the repair and/or replacement of the deficient items, an inspection is scheduled noting any deficient items found prior. Upon the repair and/or replacement of the deficient items, the developer or their representative shall submit the following items to the City's Public Utilities Department:

  • A professional engineer's certified statement indicating that the work has been built in accordance with the City approved set of construction plans;
  • A Release of Liens document signed and notarized from the developer stating that all materials and workmanship associated with the water, reuse water, or sewer mains have been paid in full;
  • Certified surveyed "As-Built" plans and profile shall be furnished by the certifying engineer upon completion and acceptance by the City as stated above;
  • The developer is responsible for ensuring a one-year written operational warranty to the City prior to issuance of the Letter of Acceptance;
  • The developer and/or engineer shall provide a recorded map to the City of Raleigh showing all public rights-of-way and easements;
  • The engineer shall keep a preserved copy of the "As-Built" plans on file indefinitely.

For development projects in the merger towns, as-builts and supporting project acceptance documentation must be submitted directly to the inspector or mailed to their attention at the following address:

City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department - Inspections
3324 Lake Woodard Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610

Additional Information Regarding Acceptance Documentation

As-Built Drawings
Certified surveyed "As-built" plans and profiles, sealed by a Professional Land Surveyor, shall be furnished to the Public Utilities Department by the Engineer upon completion and acceptance of the public main by the City and completion of the private systems. Reference the Public Utilities Handbook for additional information.

Developer's Acceptance Checklist
Includes detailed information on as-built drawing requirements.

To Schedule an Inspection:
Inspection Request

Required Hard Copies

  1. Final As-Built Plans - Paper Set
  2. Final As-Built Plans - Mylar Set

Required Digital Copies

  1. Digital PDF File As-Built
  2. Digital CAD File As-Built
  3. Data file denoting the GPS coordinates (table of values)
  4. Installed per plans statement
  5. Cost of Utilities (pipe size/type/footage)
  6. The release of liens document signed and notarized
  7. Recorded Plat
  8. Warranty Letter

Notes on Project Phasing: Acceptance occurs after water and sewer infrastructure in an approved phase is installed, inspected/tested and the required supporting documentation has been received. Phases of construction must extend from and/or connect to existing (or concurrently accepted) infrastructure to be considered for acceptance. Acceptance boundaries are defined by the limits identified in the CORPUD approved utility phasing plan(s). Acceptance of sub-phases, partially completed phases, or other variations of approved phasing plans will not be considered without CORPUD phasing plan revision approvals.