Rendering of a Sound Pavilion modeled after canoes

Architecture of Sound Public Art Pavilion

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Project Details

The Architecture of Sound Public Art Pavilion is a unique collaboration with North Carolina State University Architecture students, Sound Artist Alyssa Miserendino, and Raleigh Arts.

The design will be fabricated and installed early 2021 in Spring Forest Road Park. The pavilion will host visitors throughout the day to experience a sound piece comprised of the intentional and curated recordings of Alyssa Miserendino.

The 24-hour binaural recording sound piece is titled Coancoan, the name of the Cofan “trickster” spirits of legends. The single session was recorded by Alyssa in a canoe, on lake Garza-Cocha in Ecuador. The piece is intended to be played opposite its night/day hour, meaning when it is midnight in the recording, it is noon at the exhibition location.

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This project is a Temporary Public Art Project.


Estimated installation in Winter/Spring 2021.

Artist Biographies

A black and white headshot of artist Alyssa Miserendino

Alyssa Miserendino

Alyssa Miserendino creates artwork as a catalyst for individual and collective transformation. Driven by her interest in paradox & connection, she is inspired by research in physics, philosophy, psychology, sound, astronomy, myth, magic & poetry.

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A studen gives a presentation in a design studio class at North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University's Spring 2020 Architecture Studio and Tonic Design

This studio explores the way in which an idea can be tested and ultimately strengthened through a critical analysis of material assemblies, craft, and making. Research, mock-ups, prototyping, fabrication, and digital parametric modeling tools were territories explored to test the boundaries of conventional construction techniques and the role of the architect.

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