Project Inspection Requests

Water and Sewer Installations

To Schedule an Inspection:
     Complete and submit the Development Contractor Inspection Request Form


     Within Raleigh Call the Development Services Department 919-996-2500

     For Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell & Zebulon Call 919-996-3245;
          Select option 3 - (Construction Projects), then Select option 1 - (Non-Raleigh Property) 

The following information is required when scheduling an inspection:

  • Project information (name, address, and name of merger community)
  • Contractor contact information (name, phone, email)
  • Type of inspection required (water/sewer, service, main, line test, etc.)
  • Date inspection is to be performed
  • Telephone requests must be made at least one day in advance before 5:00 pm
  • An inspector will contact you on the requested inspection date to coordinate an inspection time.

Water Inspection Services

  • Line tapping (TS&V install, testing)
  • Poly Pig installation
  • Main line installation
  • Backfill operations
  • Utility crossings and/or conflicts (minimum 24” separation required)
  • Fitting & valve installations
  • Thrust restraint (Blocking/Rodding)
  • Fire hydrant assemblies
  • Blow-off assemblies
  • Poly Pig / line flushing activities
  • Main line testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Line chlorination & flushing
  • Bacteriological sampling
  • Stub Permit/Service line install (main to meter / Right-of-Way)
  • Irrigation Service lines and splits
  • Water meter and vault assemblies
  • Fire protection connections
  • Bore & Jack install (Includes casing welds & carrier pipe supports)
  • Main and service line abandonment
  • Grade adjustments and other surface restoration items
  • Final project walk-through (reference checklist and Public Utilities Handbook for acceptance requirements)

Sewer Inspection Services

  • Connections to existing mains and manholes
  • Plug installation and removal (Permit Required)
  • Main line installation (elevation and slope verification)
  • Backfill operations
  • Sewer bypassing activities (setup, testing and operation)
  • Bedding/backfill observation
  • Utility crossings/conflicts (<24” sep.)
  • Manhole install and/or rehabilitation
  • Stub Permits / Service line install (main to Right-of-Way)
  • Bore & jack and aerial installations (Including welds & pipe supports)
  • Force main installations (see water line inspection services)
  • Tracer wire installation
  • Main line testing
  • Low pressure air test
  • Manhole vacuum testing
  • Deflection testing (Mandrel)
  • Main and service line abandonments
  • Grade adjustments and other surface restoration items
  • Final project walk-through (reference checklist and Public Utilities Handbook for acceptance requirements)


  • Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Field changes / approvals
  • Final Project Walk-through and utility acceptance (reference: project closeout checklist)
  • Trenchless Tech Pipe Installation(s) (CIPP, Pipe Burst, etc.)
  • Reinspection fees may apply if installations are not ready for inspection at the agreed upon time
  • Private sewer mains serving multiple dwellings may require CORPUD permitting and inspections.
  • Stub permits can be obtained in Merger Towns. The associated work requires CORPUD Inspection.
  • For water valve operations Call 919-996-3245, or Email
    (72 hr. advanced notification required)
  • Construction blasting requires appropriate permits from corresponding Merger Town authorities. Contact the Merger Town Fire Department for additional information.
  • Utility Inspections inside Raleigh City limits are performed by the City of Raleigh Engineering Services Department; or call 919-996-2500.
  • This list in not intended to be all inclusive. Additional inspections may be required based on site observations. Please direct questions or concerns to the Inspector.

Additional information can be found in the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Handbook.