Annual Flushing of Water Distribution System

Raleigh Water will temporarily stop adding ammonia to its water treatment disinfecting process on Friday, March 1st at 10 a.m.  Raleigh Water will resume adding ammonia to the water treatment process on Thursday, April 11 at 10 a.m.

 To promote optimal disinfection throughout the water distribution system, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality recommends Raleigh Water and all other public water systems using chloramine disinfection switch to chlorine-only disinfection for a minimum of three (3) consecutive weeks every year. This switch to chlorine-only disinfection can produce a temporary “chlorine taste and odor” in some cases.

 Raleigh Water also conducts flushing of the water distribution system during this period to hasten the change of chloramines to chlorine residual disinfectant. This flushing may cause some temporary discoloration in the water. The water is absolutely safe. However, as a precaution, customers may want to check to see if their water is discolored before laundering white clothes.

Raleigh Water conducts extensive water quality testing throughout the water distribution system to ensure our drinking water meets all State and Federal drinking water requirements, and this data can be accessed at: water quality reports



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