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Keep Leaves out of the Street and off of Sidewalks

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Keep Leaves out of the Street and off of Sidewalks

Keep Leaves out of the Street and off of Sidewalks

Loose leaf piles should be placed behind the curb or edge of pavement without blocking the sidewalk. Do not rake or blow leaves into the street as they present a safety hazard and a flooding concern when leaves are washed into storm drains.

Please separate tree trimmings, shrubs, and other types of yard debris from your loose leaves. These items can damage our vacuum equipment and create a safety hazard for our crews. Yard waste and bagged leaves will continue to be collected on your scheduled yard waste collection day.

Please keep leaf piles away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, fencing, designer landscaping, water meters, utility poles and guy wires. Our crews need room to work and do not want to damage our equipment or your property while collecting loose leaves.

Please help us be environmentally responsible by keeping leaf piles out of the streets and storm drains or by using one of these other alternatives.

The City of Raleigh would like to encourage residents to utilize eco-friendly options such as mulching or backyard composting whenever possible. Visit the City's backyard composting webpage for more information.

Citizens who receive the loose leaf collection service can also have their leaves picked up bi-weekly, year-round on their scheduled collection day. Leaves must be placed in bio-degradable paper bags. Limit of 15 bags per yard waste cart collection. Use the City's Raleigh Reuse Tool for more information.



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